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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
Learn To Love Again


1.Horsemen of the ApocalypseFlag444,5758,748 NationsUnderworld
2.Anime Nations Against LiberalsFlag45,4824,545 NationsAnime Nations Against Liberals
3.Potato AllianceFlag36,3356,815 NationsThe Potato Alliance
4.The MinotaursFlag12,028140 NationsThe Labyrinth
5.not austria?!?Flag6,9698 NationsNot Austrian Puppet Storage
6.A Walk in the ParkFlag6,60170 NationsGo West
7.The Final FrontierFlag5,556158 NationsEquity MAD bro?Flag5,1072 NationsEast Iceland
9.Anna's Secret Nuclear BunkerFlag4,68120 NationsFodlan
10.De-Escalation ForcesFlag4,16518 NationsSEVENUP
11.The Melon CurtainFlag4,0053 NationsEast Ihvihdfbciusvdwjdbuegudbuwbdubwuibd
12.Funia Flag3,56782 NationsThe Funian Puppet Region
13.There is no faction hereFlag2,5844 NationsPsychotic Dictatorships
14.The Winning SmileFlag2,5293 NationsInfectious CangutaRub
15.Stellamare CompactFlag2,36016 NationsAstral Sea
16.Broken Region2,0854 NationsBroken Region
17.PalatineFlag2,07826 NationsPalatine
18.The Sliding LegionFlag1,89831 NationsThe Slide Countries
19.ChlorivaleFlag1,8931 NationChlorivale
20.RefugeesFlag1,6852 NationsAthletes Region
21.The Nuclear AOEFlag1,55610 NationsThe Alliance of Eros
22.Cannopy Command Bunker1,31796 NationsCanopy Command Bunker
23.The BotCoER Bomb ShelterFlag1,1338 NationsThe Bar on the corner of every region
24.N-Day: A Gangsta Grillz MixtapeFlag1,1102 NationsDJ on the beat so its a banger
25.Ardonian ArmadaFlag1,0950 NationsArdonii
26.Lego1,00830 NationsIndonesia Nusantara
27.West Atlantic Nuclear TreatyFlag95510 NationsWest Atlantic Organization
28.BoringFlag8652 NationsTelekinesis
29.That Which Comes AfterFlag5920 NationsJ o J
30.Global SimulatorFlag41116 NationsGlobal Simulator
31.Call of the VoidFlag36217 NationsThe Call of The Void
32.JFAAFNDFlag27133 NationsJafazia
33.gkfk2708 NationsUuiui
34.Confederation of Corrupt DictatorsFlag25664 NationsConfederation of Corrupt Dictators
35.Jonesy’s Last StandFlag22319 NationsTilted towers
36.LIBSOC-DEFCON 1Flag19348 NationsLibertarian Socialist Confederation
37.LyraliFlag1811 NationLyrali
38.Allied States Co-Prosperity Flag17458 NationsLeague of States
39.The Grindset Flag1144 NationsSigmastan
40.Military Pact Nuclear Response ForceFlag1119 NationsMilitary Pact
41.The ReckoningFlag10955 NationsThe Empire
42.GupioliFlag865 NationsThe Alepocratic Federation of Gupioli
43.GayllianceFlag02 NationsRed Wolf Alliance
44.UIA Rad-Free ZoneFlag01 NationThe United Islands of the Atlantic
45.Fallout FutureFlag00 NationsRegion of Extremely Depolarized Nations
46.NEWRIOMFlag00 NationsNewriom
47.CarolinaFlag00 NationsCarolina
48.Procyon U.235-BMFlag00 NationsProcyon Celti
49.The Imperial Remnant00 Nations
50.Cheese Faction Alliance Flag00 NationsCheese Hub

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.