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Hello Everyone

Greetings, EU!

The Kingdom of Asvana has finally found its region.

Greetings, Asvana

Asvana wrote:Greetings, EU!

The Kingdom of Asvana has finally found its region.

WELCOME TO THE EU! Enjoy our freedom of speech, movement and together we will build a better future!

“In my many years I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress.”
— John Adams

Hey there! Just your very irritated grumpy as hell “friendly” ambassador from the Rejected Realms stopping by.

The award-winning Rejected Times has some more news for you:

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Brief News IV | January 2021

Editor-in-Chief: Agalaesia


A New Delegate for the Rejected Realms

NEWS | WRITTEN BY Crowheim | EDITED BY Agalaesia

Rejected Realms delegate A Leaf on the Wind, otherwise known as Sarah, has resigned her post as the leader of the region. By regional law an election for a new delegate will commence immediately.

Sarah’s announcement was not exactly a surprising one, she had made her intentions to resign at the end of her normal term clear when she was challenged for the post in November, but the timing certainly was a surprise.

Currently, Officer of Foreign Affairs Nequedum; Officer for World Assembly Affairs Jamie; former speaker Gorundu, High Commander of the RRA Crazy Girl and former Outreach officer BowShot are running in the elections.

Voting started on the 21st of January, and will end on the 25th of January.

Speaker Elections Conclude, Dyl Victorious

NEWS | WRITTEN BY Crowheim | EDITED BY Agalaesia

The Rejected Realms held an election for the Speakerhip of the Assembly this past month, organized by Gorundu.

The only candidate to stand was incumbent Dyl, while Chipmunker, Jamie and Gorundu all recieved nominations and seconds but did not stand. Dyl ran on a platform of increasing organization and improving formatting in the legislative body, also promising to appoint a new deputy speaker.

Given the nature of the election with only one candidate, Dyl instead faced an approval vote which he passed with 20 votes.

Shortly following the election, Dyl followed up on one of his promises and appointed a new deputy, Purple Hyacinth, who serves as chair in the South Pacific and is a new citizen.

New Editor in Chief Elections

NEWS | WRITTEN BY The Church of Satan

For the first time since The Rejected Times was lawfully recognized by the government of The Rejected Realms, as a private entity, our Editor-in-Chief, Aga, was challenged for his position. He made his intention to step down known and thus he was challenged by other staff members so that the position would be elected instead of appointed by the delegate. The candidates, of which there are three, are as follows:

Chipmunker: Although a newcomer to both The Rejected Realms and The Rejected Times, he has got a lot of work done in the brief time he's spent working in The Rejected Realms. His campaign focused on better engaging staff members and better promoting The Rejected Times across NationStates.

Bowshot: A longtime staff member of The Rejected Times, Bowshot's campaign has focused on standardization, distribution and recruitment. He has a relaxed, yet expansionist vision for The Rejected Times.

Kraljevstvo Rata: A relatively new citizen of The Rejected Realms, yet still veteran writer of The Rejected Times, Kral's campaign focuses on maintaining the current publishing dates, new additions to the content of The Rejected Times, as well as distribution, promotion and recruitment.

All things considered, The Rejected Times stands to improve no matter which of them are elected.

Pacifica - End of an Era


Pacifica is both an infamous region in the NationStates community, and a shorthand name used by the New Pacific Order, the governing body of the Pacific for over 15 years.
Topid, the region’s founder, who originally founded the region following his exile from St. Abbaddon when he lost the Delegacy in 2016, has announced on Pacifica’s RMB that he is handing over “day-to-day” control of the region to the Pacific, marking the end of his self proclaimed war against the region.

While Topid has said that he’ll maintain the founder nation of the region, he has also stated that should he ever leave the game, they have his “consent to refound the region,” potentially giving the New Pacific Order direct control over the region in the future.

The RMB post can be found here:

NOTE: The Rejected Times does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Rejected Realms.

Discuss this Issue over on the NationStates forum here.

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Did somebody say weltkrieg?

This month's Emissary Report features an informative interview with Kortexia!

10000 Islands Emissary Report

Date: January 2021
Population: 1,259
Delegate Endorsement: 428
Forum: Link
Discord: Link

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Chief Executive: Markanite
~Field Commander: Kanta Hame
~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (TITO EF), Controlitia, Grea Kriopia, Kuriko, Wischland
~Executive Officers: Hakketomat, Aschente


As of this report's publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~Chief Executive: Markanite
~WA Delegate: HumanSanity
~Senior Senator for Himes West (RP): Wille-Harlia
~Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): Wischland
~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): Aschente
~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Dokansia
~Minister of Education: Grea Kriopia
~Minister of Labor: Free Las Pinas
~Minister of Immigration: Thedairos

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

January Elections

This January saw elections for the seats of Senator for Blue Canaria North and Senator for New Republica South take place.

Incumbent Wischland ran for reelection to her seat as Senator for Blue Canaria North. With no other candidates declaring their campaign, Wisch locked in another term as Senator.

Three Islanders declared their intent to run for Senator for New Republica South after incumbent Controlitia declined to run for a third term. Murphtannia, Dokansia, and Solarampa all announced their campaigns in short succession. Despite the competitive field, Dokansia managed to garner enough votes to win the election and become the Council of Nine’s newest member.

Congratulations to Wischland and Dokansia, and commiserations to the other candidates. Thank you Controlitia for your service as Senior Senator.

New Government Appointments

~Secretary of State Margaux selected Murphtannia to be XKI’s new emissary to Forest while Delegate HumanSanity hired Wischland to serve as XKI’s emissary to Refugia.
~Senator for Blue Canaria North Wischland hired Margaux as her Deputy to assist her in writing the Monthly Emissary report.
~Chief Executive Markanite appointed Wille-Harlia to the position of LinkCommunications Officer to promote XKI events and maintain news and information dispatches.
~Senator for New Republica South Dokansia selected Flying Eagles to serve as his Deputy and assist in running regional polls and debates.

Harry Potter and the Festival of Friends

XKI joined forces with several other regions early in January to bring back everyone’s favorite Harry Potter-themed festival. Participants were sorted into houses and then cut lose to chat with one another, squee over their favorite characters, and practice their spellcasting with a plethora of fun bot commands. A variety of fun events, including an art and writing contest, a succession of movie nights, and a Yule Ball Roleplay, had everyone enjoying the festivities and making friends across regional boundaries.

Underneath the jovial atmosphere, however, a fierce competition to earn house points and win the House Cup raged! Hufflepuffs were the most chill about winning the House Cup, spending more time hug-piling and enjoying the festival than worrying about their point totals. Ravenclaw was more competitive, with members proving their knowledge during Harry Potter Trivia rounds and earning plenty of points for their house. Due to a lower number of participants in Gryffindor and Slytherin, the two houses’ points were counted together. Slytherin’s ambition and unmatched desire to win proved to be a powerful force, with members willing to grind away at .io games and The Owlery Project of Appreciation to boost their point totals. Combined with Gryffindor’s courage in finding their own place in the festival, despite being the smallest house, made the two houses unstoppable, and allowed them to sail to victory and win the House Cup. Congratulations to the winning houses, and a big thanks to the festival’s organizers for such an enjoyable experience!

Around the Islands

~Dokansia was named LinkRookie of the Quarter. Dok is a rising star in the region, having served as Deputy WA Secretary, Deputy Minister of Education, and as an Emissary to several regions. He was also recently elected Senator for New Republica South and holds the title of Knight in TITO. Congratulations Dok for this well-deserved award, and best of luck in your future endeavors.
~The voting for XKI’s prestigious LinkPaffnia Prize concluded in January. The Paffnia Prize is an annual award given to the nation to comes up with the best new, implemented idea for the region each year, as chosen by popular vote. The past year has been a time of incredible change and innovation for XKI, and an astounding 56 implemented ideas were nominated for the prize. After two rounds of voting, Islanders awarded HumanSanity and Grea Kriopia first place for the XKI Summer Olympics. Second place was awarded to Hakketomat for his LinkTacoVision Contests, with third place going to Paffnia himself for the LinkIsland’s Space Program. Congratulations to the winners and a sincere thanks for all the work you do to improve the region!
~Speaking of TacoVision, Hakketomat announced the highly anticipated LinkTacoVision III. Once again, Islanders had the chance to submit their favorite songs in hopes of winning the votes of their fellow contestants and having their song be declared the hottest new beat. Contestants delivered scathing critiques of one another’s songs in a Discord listening session, plotting and scheming to win favor for their own melody. When all the votes were tallied, Wischland placed first with her song choice LinkBury Me Low. A round of applause for Wisch and for Dokansia and Thedairos who placed 2nd and 3rd.
~January’s LinkFeatured Nation was Murphtannia, who has popped up in several different areas of the region, serving in TITO, as Emissary to Forest, and even running for office in January’s election. Congratulations Murph! We’re excited to see where you go next.
~Senator for Lyonnesse East Aschente announced the LinkHouse Cup and Shield Competition would be taking place throughout the month of January. Recruiters in LinkXKI’s Houses compete for the whole month to send as many recruitment telegrams to new nations and draw them to the region. LinkThe House Of Louisistan won both the House Cup, for most collective recruiting, and House Shield, for most recruiting per capita, with Margaux and Sulenia showing a particular devotion to recruiting. Grea Kriopia of LinkThe House of Improving Wordiness had the highest recruitment success rate of the month and was awarded the House Sceptre for her efforts! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all recruiters for their hard work.
~Towards the end of the month, Chief Executive Markanite announced a region-wide LinkForum Theme Competition. Islanders are invited to create and submit island-themed designs for the forum. With taco prizes and the chance to have their creation chosen as an official new theme for the XKI forum, several Islanders were eager to submit their designs. We’re excited to see what other creative themes Islanders will come up with!

XKI Game-Side

A regional poll by Jabberwocky asked Islanders if they would be getting the COVID-19 Vaccine once it became available to them. Happily, most Islanders proved themselves to be health-conscious and responded that they would. Stay safe and stay strong!

Islanders showed their humor with plenty of silly quips in the RMB:

~ December 32nd, 2020
~ Rebels in XKI?
~ I’ll remember, probably.
~ Worthwhile Gambling. What’s that?
~ 69… Hah… Yeah, that meme is dead.
~You cannot defeat Tilapia
~ Not again…
~ Cats are a Liquid.
~ The answer is no.
~ Just one of the Fish around the Islands.

Meet A Nation Interview

For January, we turned our attention to the mystery man behind much of XKI’s more technical aspects. We managed to draw Kortexia out from his lurking on the regional discord to ask him a few questions about his work as Technical Liaison.

Wischland: You’ve been in XKI for quite a while. What about the region made you choose to stay?

Kortexia: Honestly, it was the people I met here and the community. The friends I've made here are the only reason I've played this game so long.

Wisch: That's wonderful! Anyone you'd like to give a special shout-out to?

Kort: Definitely Kanta Hame, he's been a steady mentor and friend for my entire time in 10KI.

Wisch: You’re currently serving as one of the region’s Technical Liaisons. What does this role entail?

Kort: The role entails maintaining and developing our regional Discord Bots as well as serving as an advisory on the usage of any 3rd party programs that are commonly used in R/D. Technical Liaisons are also a part of TITO Command, but don't generally run day to day operations.

Wisch: Could you tell us a little about what KorTech does?

Kort: KorTech serves as the main Discord administration tool for the 10KI server. It also has many fun things that I've added to it over time to make our Discord server more enjoyable! New features are being added whenever I get a crazy idea for a project haha.

Wisch: Do you have any crazy projects cooking right now? Or give an example of a past one?

Kort: The current project is secret ;). Past additions have ranged from the easy to write ExecutionCog used by Command, to a roster that still needs some fine tuning.

Wisch: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see then! KorTech has been affectionately named BorkTech by many Islanders for its semi-frequent malfunctions. Why do these sorts of things happen?

Kort: Mostly due to me tinkering with the code and inadvertently breaking things. Other issues stem from updates happening to anything that KorTech is connected to.

Wisch: And about how much time do you spend on coding/maintenance for the server?

Kort: It varies depending on how busy I am in my day to day life and if I have a problem in my code I’m working hard on to fix. I am always keeping an eye out for any issues that may occur so I can fix them right away.

Wisch: How did you become XKI’s resident techie?

Kort: Well, I spearheaded TITO's move from Skype to Discord. This expanded to include the rest of 10KI into our server over time, so its been my baby since the very beginning. So when I stepped back from being a Tactical Officer, the Technical Liaison role was created so I could stay in TITO Command and continue to develop and moderate the Discord Server. KorTech being created and developed also served to cement my position as the techie.

Wisch: The server must be very special to you then. Do you think you’re ever going to retire as Tech Liaison?

Kort: Perhaps one day, but that won't be for a long time yet. Tech Liaisons are required to be part of TITO Command due to the nature of access they have, and so there’s a much smaller pool of candidates for the position. Also, KorTech is my baby and would need to be swapped out for something else should I ever retire.

Until next month, your XKI Update Staff is signing off – Wischland and Margaux

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And, to continue the streak of ambassadors posting stuff, the Rejected Times has another issue out, and this time, it’s full length.

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Issue LXV | January 2021

Editor-in-Chief: Toerana
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Crowheim


  • If Music Be the Food of Culture, Play On - Dead I Jack

  • The OWL Voting Incident and TSP’s Proscribing of TBH - Makdon

  • A Conversation with the New Delegate, Chimes - Crowheim

  • The Gameplay Awards - Guest Writer Zukchiva

  • New Delegate of the South Pacific Elected - Purple Hyacinth

Before we start, A Leaf on the Wind is returning to TRT with a second edition of The Bread Box! Please submit questions for her to answer in the next edition of TRT here.

If Music Be the Food of Culture, Play On

OPINION | WRITTEN BY Junior Writer Dead I Jack | EDITED BY Crowheim

My first region in NationStates was a founderless roleplay region called European Union. While the roleplay politics were heavily contested with relentless jockeying to win government positions, pass legislation, and more, perhaps the biggest prize in all of the region was winning Eurovoice. Eurovoice was a competition set to mirror the real world Eurovision Song Contest, a contest where the nations of the European Union would come together through music. During my time there, it was held every month or two without fail. Each player taking part in Eurovoice would submit a link to a song they liked, the participants would give points to their favorites, and a winner would be declared (and host the next one). In our humble RP UCR, this would get anywhere from 15-25 participants every time. European Union tried to capture the magic in other ways through a similar format like Europe’s Got Talent but it never took the same. Why was Eurovoice so popular and not EGT? I believe, and it’s probably cliché at this point, it’s because there is a universality in the appeal of music.

The power of music in NationStates, is the power to share something with each other. Even though members of a community might have varying tastes in music, the act of suggesting a song to listen to is at once both a window into who you are and an opportunity for discovery for those with you. Curating playlists on forums or chatrooms is easy and decentralized and a good way to pass time for those otherwise looking to be occupied. This is something that the Founderless Regions Alliance understood when they brought FRAvision to NSGP and these are lessons I learned from European Union and have carried with me to every region I have been involved in since.

When I got involved in the Rejected Realms, I decided that music would play an important role in my cultural vision. Indeed the first ever event I ran there was Rejectvision, a rebrand of Eurovoice. I made it accessible to participate in via telegram, discord, or forum, and it was a big success. It drew in players from all walks: onsite and offsite; Reject and Non-Reject. Encouraged by the participation, as I brainstormed more activity ideas as Culture Officer, we dipped back into the music well, striking gold with a music trivia idea called Popmaster. Wopruthien and I ironed out a simple format: the host plays a song via the bot and the first one to guess the artist and the title gets points. It was something we were excited about, but could never imagine the popularity the contest would grow to achieve. After the first time we held it there were demands for more and it turned into a weekly phenomenon. What was unique about Popmaster, though, was how many people wanted to host one themselves. It’s a Culture Officer’s dream to have others taking an active interest in planning and hosting activities and people were lining up to host their own rounds of Popmaster. With over a dozen different hosts, scores of participants, and probably anywhere from 30-50 different editions over the last 2 years, it would be hard to find a game as culturally impactful for a regional community except for Werewolf. As a cherry on top of all this, our musical events were drawing in players to sign up for citizenship of TRR. Music wasn’t just something fun we could entertain ourselves with, it played an important part in strengthening our community.

Using music to aid in community building can come in many different forms. At one time The South Pacific had classical music sessions, TSP and TRR have had Eurovision watch parties, some regions have done some impromptu karaoke in their discord voice chats, while more just hang out and play music for a bit as they talk or as they partake in military gameplay. No matter the form, music is a powerful cultural tool in building camaraderie. It can help start a conversation, it can help bring you together, it can help you form new bonds, and it can help you attract new people. And so I leave those would be cultural ministers/officers and region builders with this advice: If your region is hungry for something to do, something to share, feed it music.

The OWL Voting Incident and TSP’s Proscribing of TBH

OPINION | WRITTEN BY Apprentice Makdon | EDITED BY Crowheim

Order of events:

  1. November 18th, 2020: 3 nations of the names Rebbid, GlowGolden, and Seltin all vote for Commend Twobagger through TSP’s OWL voting system. This system allows any WA nation in TSP to vote on WA proposals by posting in the RMB of The South Pacific WA Voting Center. This vote determines TSP’s delegate’s vote. These nations are all puppets of TBH members.

  2. Sometime between the previous and following events: XKI notifies TSP of the unusual voting activity by the 3 TBH puppets.

  3. November 20th, 2020, 7:46 PM EST: TSP releases a statement reporting that they had been notified by 10000 Islands that three low ranking members of The Black Hawks has attempted to sway TSP’s democratically determined vote in favor of Commend Twobagger. This statement goes on to vituperate both the actions of the TBH members and the SC resolution, and encourages others to vote against Commend Twobagger.

  4. November 20th, 2020, 7:53 PM EST: TBH Major and Council Member [nation]Lord Dominator[\nation] states that TBH had been made aware of the situation and had berated the perpetrators. TBH had not informed TSP.

  5. November 20th, 2020, 9:47 PM EST: A TBH apology is later released. It apologizes for not TBH not informing TSP when they were notified of what had happened, and condemned the actions of the TBH members who tried to sway TSP’s vote.

  6. November 23rd 2020: Commend Twobagger fails, with the delegate’s of Lazarus, TNP, TEP, Wintreath, FNR voting against, all in some part due to TSP’s statement.

  7. January 5th, 2021, 9:48 PM EST: TSP publicizes a statement proscribing all TBH members from TSP, which is justified by TBH’s alleged attempt at influencing the Commend Twobagger vote, and an incident involving TBH council member Ever-Wandering Souls which took place some two years ago

So there’s a fair few heavy questions these events raise. What is regional sovereignty? What makes a region defender? Why is a GCR different from a UCR for raiders? Can TSP consider itself democratic while excluding many largely innocent players from membership? Why does anyone waste their time debating these things? If I were a more philosophical person I might care about answering these, but I’m not. Instead, I’d like to analyze these events for what they are, political plays, and see what they reflect about the state of GP.

Firstly, let’s consider the actions of the TBH members who attempted to sway TSP’s vote. What they did was plainly easy, obvious, and smart. As others have pointed out, they broke no explicit rules, and theoretically could’ve had a massive influence on the outcome of the SC vote. This is the price of doing democracy on-site. You either have to deal with this or go full oligarchy like Thalassia. However, one shouldn’t be too quick to denounce TSP’s voting system. It’s a reflection of their commitment to democracy, and respect is deserved for the fact TSP does it despite the risks. It was only a matter of time before those risks came to fruition though, so let's move onto the next event.

Why did TSP issue a statement? Now, it’s entirely possible that this was done in large part because of TSP’s deep commitment to giving their natives a voice and the perceived violation of regional sovereignty, you and I will likely never know. What we can now is that it was plainly a useful political play. TSP is opposed to Commend Twobagger, it looks like it’s going to pass, and then something drops into their lap that can swing the vote the way they want. It was a perfectly timed controversy. For all we know, TSP’s voting system has been abused before and they were completely aware of it, but waited till it was most politically expedient to use. Regardless, it got exactly what TSP wanted, whether it was intentional or not.

Why did TBH apologize? This is where things get interesting. TBH’s apology seemed like an inevitability at the time, but if we step back a bit, it becomes more confusing. TBH is a raiding organization. They exist to violate regional sovereignty. So why are they apologizing? There are two reasons. First, Commend Twobagger. TBH wants it to pass, and TSP’s statement is messing with that. An apology, one might reason, has a chance of mitigating this. The second is the state of GP, the utter niceness of it these days. I’ll get back to that later.

So, to sum up, so far we have three events, all of which were intelligent political plays, so much so that one could’ve probably predicted it would happen eventually. I’ll step back and draw my first assertion about GP now. It’s predictable, even stale. It’s almost all petty and superficial, becoming a game of optics and nothing more. Minor incidents occur, a bit is lost, a bit is won, and things go on, unchanged. I wasn’t around more than a year back, so I can’t say if things were more dynamic in the past, but it seems this conclusion isn’t one that’s contested. Some like the stability, proclaiming the growth of regional activity and community, others call it the death of NationStates. Either way, it’s there.

Moving on, what can be learned from TSP’s proscription of TBH? The first thing I’d like to point out is the critiques that were levied against this move. The biggest seem to be that the red phone incident is two years old, TSP’s own court found that it wasn’t enough to proscribe Souls, and that the Commend TB incident was being completely overstated. A question arises from this. Why did TSP justify the proscription with what it did, since these criticisms were fairly predictable? The red phone incident was big enough for justification, but it was two years old, so they needed something new, and thus reused the Commend TB incident. Simply put, it was important to TSP that they properly justified their proscription, even though they by their own laws didn’t need to. It was for the optics.

Finally, what do the trends in these events and the proscription of TBH mean for GP moving forwards? Well, earlier I mentioned how nice GP is. By that, I meant not that people on both sides of issues are often friends or that everyone hangs out on discord. What I meant is probably a product of that, but not a necessary one. What I meant is, for example, that raiders respect some regions. TBH felt like they should issue an apology for their members interfering with TSP. TSP felt like they needed to justify proscribing TBH with specific events. Why? Because everyone needs to seem nice, everyone needs to respect each other. Now, I’m all for being nice to people, but that’s what discord is for, not the GP forum. The GP forum should be for politics, and politics doesn’t play nice. It isn’t hard to see that this attitude towards politics in GP is largely responsible for GP’s staleness. No one can do anything without making someone angry, so they go through the motions of raiding or defending, without seriously ever trying to win anything big. However, TSP’s proscription of TBH indicates something. It appears to be a breakdown of the relationships that contribute to stability, and is, good or bad, a harbinger of things to come. Gameplay may be calcified, but something stirs beneath the surface.

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A Conversation with the New Delegate, Chimes

INTERVIEW | WRITTEN BY Deputy Editor-In-Chief Crowheim | EDITED BY the Editor-in-Chief

The Rejected Realms recently held delegate elections and chose Jamie, WA Officer, former Speaker, and former TNP delegate, to be its new Delegate. Jamie beat out four other candidates for the role. Here, I sit down with them and talk about what the future of TRR looks like.

Chipmunker: So thank you so much for agreeing to have this interview, Jamie, and may I congratulate you again on your comfortable victory in the TRR delegate elections! How did it feel when you found out you won, or did you know as much beforehand?

Jamie: I didn’t know beforehand at all really, our voting system is very unique in that preferences make all the different. I’m still shocked and humbled to win the election, all the other candidates were great and honestly it feels like a dream to be elected.

C: I’m sure. You beat out 4 others for the role, what do you say to them?

J: I would like to say it was a fun election and it was a really well spirited event full of lots of fun questions and I wish them all the best of luck for any future elections.

C: Awww, how nice! So, right off the bat of your term in office, you switched around some of the officer posts, and one is currently vacant, that being your own slot. What was the reasoning behind moving Robespierre in charge of WA affairs while continuing to leave Outreach empty, at least temporarily?

J: It was a combination of what I feel the region needs and what suited my cabinet, Robes is a talented WA author and our focus on domestic WA authorship and growth will complement them nicely. Outreach needs a person able to drive the car so to speak, be it updating guides or welcomes new players, which is why I left the office empty pending the officer election.

C: Interesting. You made this change pretty immediately, what other sorts of things might we rejects see in the very near future?

J: I want a strong cabinet, I have a number of announcements/plans which I’m hoping to announce soon, the next of which will be my revised RMB policy after the relevant rules have been updated.

C: You’re following up Sarah as delegate, who had a widely popular tenure. How do you plan to continue with the work she did and try and hold up to the excellent standard she set?

J: Sarah set a high bar. My term will focus on building upon the foundations that Sarah has built, I’ve already begun making sweeping changes - for example our new sparkly WFE!

C: The WFE is indeed looking very pretty and stylish! Speaking of style, Sarah also had a “gimmick” with her bread. Your opponent Neq planned on doing the same but with a dog had he been elected. Will you have a similar kind of thing, and if so, could you give any hints? :P

J: I believe ‘characters’ suit some people but not others, I see myself as just being me really :P I suppose you could say I’m a bit of a Mean Girl if you got the references from my delegate campaign xD

C: Well that’s a very fetch response. Such a grool delegate. Anyways, you’re leaving your WA Officer role to enter into this office. Are you proud of the term you’ve served?

J: On a whole, I’m happy. There was a few things I didn’t get round to finishing; such as my WA guide dispatch - but I’m intending to finish that regardless. I think WA activity has definitely improved, which was my goal. Was I perfect? Definitely not - I wish I could have done even more. But I feel I left the WA office in a good position.

C: Well I’m glad! Now I have a few questions about your plans for each arena under the jurisdiction of the delegate? What sort of ideas are you bringing to the table for Foreign Affairs?

J: My focus on FA affairs will be building bridges with more regions and strengthening relations we already have. As mentioned earlier, some of the events planned will encompass FA elements as well as culture, which I shall elaborate on as required.

C: Do you think Neq has been doing a good job managing FA thus far?

J: Absolutely. Neq hit the ground running with the diplo corps and I really respect their work ethic.

C: How about Nakari with Culture, and speaking of which, what are your plans for that department?

J: The big plan will be the cards event we have planned with a number of our friends and allies. It will be a big party of fun and i’m so glad to be able to have TRR involved in it. What can I say about Nakari, she’s a culture queen - she is full of amazing ideas and I can’t wait to work with her.

C: Yay, cards! That was a big part of your platform! How do you plan to get those not previously involved in that part of the game interested?

J: The thing is with cards - even if it’s not something that interests you, i’d always recommend trying it - to me its not about being the best its about making collections and collecting cards that you enjoy and like - and that should be the main appeal.

C:Very fair! So, finishing up, anything you’d like to say to the people of TRR who elected you into our highest office?

J: Yes. I am thankful and privileged to be your delegate, you gave me a big chance and big shoes to fill and will do my very best to make the region proud.

C: Thank you again for being here, and have a great day, Jamie! ❤️

J: Thank you ❤️

The Gameplay Awards

NEWS | WRITTEN BY Guest Writer Zukchiva | EDITED BY the Editor-In-Chief

Every year, the NationStates Gameplay community convenes in order to celebrate and award individuals, entities, and events that made an impact throughout the previous year. 2020, with all that had occurred this year both in terms of in-game politics and other issues, was a perfect and active year for awards. On December 25th, 2020,, Lord Dominator opened up the latest rendition of the Gameplay Awards. The rules and awards were similar to 2019’s Gameplay Awards, such as no-self nominations and a similar timetable for the ceremony.

Nominations opened immediately after Lord Dominator’s post, and a flurry of nominations were posted. Many popular gameplayers such as Tim, Phoenix, Xoriet, Altino, Roavin, and others were nominated for a various slew of individual awards. In terms of military organizations, nominations included Lily, the Black Hawks, the South Pacific Special Forces, the Grey Wardens, and the Autumnal Court of Caer Sidi. And for news organizations, entities like NSToday, Europeian Broadcasting Corparation, and the Rejected Times were nominated for their journalistic work. With over 30 people submitting nominations and seconds, the options for voting were diverse, with only one Award not having any valid nominations with a second.

On January 6th (the same day nominations were closed), voting for the Awards was opened. Over the next two weeks, over 70 votes were cast for the various Awards, utilizing a form Lord Dominator had provided. In an amazing display of activity, nearly half of all votes were cast within two days of the vote being opened! On January 21st, Lord Dominator formally closed the votes and formally announced Award results.

While many nominees were presented, only a few could win the Awards. Out of the individual awards, we see famous players like Dakota, Koth, Aquila, and Phoenix win various awards based on popularity, raiding/defending, and politics. On the military side, The Black Hawks won the “Raider Military of the Year'', with Lily winning the “Independent/Unaligned/Other Military of the Year”, and the Grey Wardens winning the “Defender Military of the Year Award”. The Rejected Times, as well as the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation, tied for best News Operation of the Year. Based on the subsequent comments in the thread, it is clear that many people were happy with the results.

Overall, the 2020 Gameplay Awards proved to be the final highlight for 2020. With over 30 nominations and 70 votes cast, the Awards go to show how involved and active of a community NationStates Gameplay is. Hopefully, the 2021 Awards prove to have just as many fun, interesting, and well-deserving nominations as last year’s Awards had!

New Delegate of the South Pacific Elected

NEWS | WRITTEN BY Journalist Purple Hyacinth | EDITED BY Crowheim

On the first of every January and July, the election for Delegate takes place in the South Pacific. The election runs in two rounds. In round one, legislators vote on all of the candidates using approval voting on the TSP forums. The top two candidates with the most approvals then move on to round two, which is a week-long gameside poll restricted to Native, WA resident nations, though members of the South Pacific Special Forces that are on deployment are allowed to vote via an alternate method.

TSP’s Delegate is largely a figurehead with little power. As a result, people often place emphasis on people’s trustworthiness rather than their ideas. Amerion, the incumbent, chose not to run. The three candidates who ran, Beepee, Rebeltopia, and Jay Coop, are all generally considered trustworthy figures. The candidates showed that they knew this too, with all three campaigns mentioning that they would be a safe choice. A third of voters cast their vote in approval of all candidates, and only one ballot was cast for Re-Open Nominations. The race ended up incredibly close, showing that legislators as a whole didn’t really have a strong preference for one candidate over another. Beepee received 27 votes, Rebeltopia received 26 votes, and Jay Coop received 25 votes.

Beepee and Rebeltopia moved on to round two. Since a lot of the nations that vote are nations who primarily are active gameside, round two is generally determined by who has the most influence on the RMB. Rebeltopia has not been very active on the RMB, so they were less well known. However, Beepee is not only active on the RMB, but during the election, was serving their second term as an elected Local Councillor, a role elected on gameside that primarily involves moderating the RMB. It was no surprise that Beepee held a strong lead over Rebeltopia, eventually getting twice as many votes as Rebeltopia.

After the election is over, TSP law states that the Delegate is not legally Delegate until they get the ingame seat. Beepee’s transition might be a long one--at the end of the election, they had 436 endorsements compared to Amerion’s 711--that’s 40% fewer endorsements. By comparison, when Amerion was elected, they had 809 endorsements and Aumeltopia had 916--only about 10% fewer endorsements--and Amerion’s transition into the Delegacy took 23 days. Based endorsement count trends from January 19th (the end of the election) to January 28th, I would guess that Beepee will surpass Amerion in endorsements in about a month. This likely long transition is probably due to the fact that Amerion is on the Council of Regional Security and Beepee is not. Beepee not being on the CRS means that they started off with a lower endorsement count, and Amerion being on the CRS means that nations are still asked to endorse them.

Beepee did not make many promises in their campaign, so we will have to wait and see what they will accomplish during their term. They may just sort of sit there--which is all that's really required of a Delegate anyway. But previous Delegates have done things beyond that. For example, Aumeltopia and Amerion held Endorsement Days to encourage cross-endorsing. Or perhaps they'll think of something new to do.

NOTE: The Rejected Times does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Rejected Realms.

Discuss this Issue over on the NationStates forum here.

Find The Rejected Times Index here.

The Times gives our thanks for the ongoing support from our Subscribers:
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Read dispatch

The Enadian Union, sends its greetings and best wishes to the European Union.

Post self-deleted by Germany-DE.

The Mad Surfer NS Edition is now available. Get 'em while they're HOT!

The Official Newspaper of the 10000 Islands
Febuary 2021

January 2021 | December 2020 | November 2020 | October 2020

"Newspapers have roughly the same relationship to life as fortune-tellers to metaphysics."
– Karl Kraus

Weather: Excellent
Water temp: perfect!
Waves: sharp break

The Council of Nine
Last Updated: January 2021

Chief Executive: Markanite
Delegate: HumanSanity
Minister of Labor: Free Las Pinas
Minister of Immigration: Thedairos
Minister of Education: Grea Kriopia
Senator for New Republica South: Dokansia
Senator for Himes West: Wille-Harlia
Senator for Blue Canaria North: Wischland
Senator for Lyonnesse East: Aschente

-Deputy Minister of Education: Kohnhead
-Deputy Senators for Himes West: Central Russia, Margaux

With incumbent Controlitia sitting this one out, the seat for New Republica South was open, and three candidates answered the call. But it was Dokansia who jumped out to a commanding early lead, one that was never relinquished. All Murphtannia and Solarampa could do was watch Dokansia's victory lap and lick their respective wounds. Nevertheless, all candidates are to be congratulated on conducting above board campaigns.

The election for Blue Canaria North was a ho hum affair. Incumbent Wischland ran unopposed and held a modest celebration in her austere office, thereby saving the taxpayers a load of tacos, in keeping with her public-spirited philosophy.

Your Council of Nine have been earning their tacos by ratifying the Charter of the Partnership for Sovereignty. We'll let our Delegate HumanSanity explain it:

"By unanimous decision of the Council of Nine, 10000 Islands has ratified the Charter of the Partnership for Sovereignty. The Partnership for Sovereignty is a joint defender Security Council voting and coordination bloc formed with our allies in The Rejected Realms and the South Pacific. The provisions of the Charter create a platform for advance coordination between the member regions on Security Council votes which implicate defender values, sharing resources to advocate for and "whip" votes on resolutions, and sharing of resources for drafting proposals. While the Charter begins with these three regions, it is deliberately left open for future expansion to other defender-aligned regions."

There's more to it of course, and we encourage you to learn the details here: Link


It's time to rediscover the LinkXKI Casino and a whole new level of entertainment! Come and experience all that's new at the LinkXKI Casino. It's a whole new game!
You're gonna need a bigger wallet...



Mother Nature plays an active roll in the commercial world, it seems. Chairman Woonsocket explains this mystery to us.

Due to a change in the solar cycle the seas around the Islands lost their ice cover early this year. As happens on land, those weary of all the ice came out to play and found things finally settled down after the recent events (specifically the tsunami). Optimism reigns as things warm up and spring is in sight! Due to this, those with the Fish Communication shop item earned a 2,500 taco bonus per item this month!

Mortimer Report: February 2021
Monthly Economic Effects

Sector: Special Items
Item: Fish Communication
Bonus: 2,500 Ŧ
Item that Mitigates Losses: N/A
Mitigation: N/A

Stock Market
Month: from January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2021

Average Change in Stock Price: +2,331 Ŧ (+5.8%)—stocks prices are growing
Average Dividend: 305 Ŧ

Individual stock performances can be found here: Link


Graciously granting us an interview this month was Eastern New England. Eastern New England has been part of the Islands since March last year and they are currently serving as the WA Secretary as well as the FA Secretary. Additionally, they are a TITO Knight and can be seen chatting on the regional Discord.

TMS: What country are you from?
ENE - I have lived my whole life in Denmark, but I am actually half-German and half-American.

TMS: What’s the grossest food you ever had to eat to be polite?
ENE - I'm not a picky eater, but I'm also not a big fan of olives. So yeah, the grossest food I've eaten to be polite is probably olives.

TMS: Who is your favorite musician?
ENE - I don't necessarily have a favorite, but I like listening to the band the Cranberries. I tend to listen to music from all different kind of genres, though.

TMS: What afterschool activity did you quit as a kid, and why?
ENE - When I was younger I quit soccer practice, after my best friend quit soccer. I wasn't good at it and I had only started playing because of him.

TMS: If you could turn the ocean into a liquid other than water, which one would you pick?
ENE - I have never thought about this before. I guess I'd choose milk, since I like milk. I don't think I'd bathe in it to be honest.

TMS: What is your favorite conspiracy theory? And do you believe in it?
ENE - My favourite conspiracy theory is probably the one about the birds working for the bourgeoisie and that all birds are automated robots, working for the government and spying on us since Ronald Reagan's presidency (in the U.S. at least). It's too crazy for me to believe in it.

TMS: Do you have a favorite author? If you could make them write for any TV show which TV show would it be.
ENE - I don't have a favourite author, but if I wanted to make an author write for a TV-show it should probably be Christopher Paolini, the author of "the Inheritance Cycle", writing for F.R.I.E.N.D.S., since I'd like to see a fantasy-comedy crossover.

TMS: If you could ban 1 food from the face of the planet what would you ban?
ENE - I'd probably ban nuts. I'm not a huge fan of nuts either, and many people have serious allergies to them, so it'd be helpful for the greater good.

TMS: What is your favorite hobby?
ENE - My favourite hobby is probably playing the flute. I've been doing it for almost 8 years now.

TMS: Who is your favorite comic book character?
ENE - I haven't read comic book in a while, but looking back, it'd probably have to be Donald Duck. I used to always read about him when I was younger.

TMS: What vice could you never give up?
ENE - I have a sweet tooth and I eat sweet stuff and candy almost everyday, even though I know it's unhealthy. I also can't stop eating mints for some reason.

TMS: If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?
ENE - I'd probably have to be a tortoise. I love tortoises, and it'd be cool to become my favorite animal.

TMS: What will be the title of your autobiography?
ENE - I've always had a hard time coming up with titles. Perhaps "a Guide to Life" or something like that


By Wischland

The hallowed halls of the World Assembly were echo-y this month. While this made walking about in heels an absolute blast, I couldn’t help but wonder where everyone had gone to leave things so empty. Proposals trickled into voting every now and again, but both the SC and GA stood silent for extended periods of time. Curious about what the holdup was, and feeling a bit lonely, I took a stroll to the authors’ room to get an update on proposal drafting.

The closer I got to the authors’ room though, the louder things became. I could hear stridently yelled debate points from down the hall and it seemed like every person I passed was an infuriated ambassador storming out of the WA building. Needless to say, I sensed a juicy story and got ready to see some action. Sure enough, almost every one of January’s eight proposals was a huge dramafest, with some incredibly aggressive, personal, and even toxic arguments. Now let it be know that TMS in no way supports toxic behavior of any kind. But you better believe we’ll report on it! So, here’s a look at all of the spicy action in the WA this January:

GA “Regulating Remote Election Administration” (Did not pass): What a way to start of the month! This was a tricky proposal, that toes the line of breaking the GA’s “no ideological bans” rule with its regulation on early, expat, electronic, and mail-in voting. Author Cretox State sidestepped the rule by being careful to never mandate member nations have elections in their proposal. Unfortunately, this opened up a whole new can of worms, as this meant the proposal solely affected democratic nations. Fun little fact about the WA is that it has plenty of authoritarian members. Authoritarian nations didn’t particularly care for this election-related proposal. Democracies weren’t a fan of a proposal about them being voted on by both democratic and authoritarian nations. Combined with questions about the necessity of dictating election specifics, this proposal flopped during voting, with 89% Against.

SCR#339 “Repeal: ‘Commend The Western Isles’”: With the original resolution less than a month old, author Bormiar sped this repeal through the drafting phase. The repeal focused on the many flaws of the unpopular original commendation, rather than any flaws with The Western Isles itself. There was some weirdly aggressive forum debate over whether TWI deserved a commend and if repeals could be based on writing quality alone, but that didn’t carry over to voting, where the repeal passed with an easy 74% support.

SCR#340 “Commend Singapore No2”: A well-deserved commend for one of NS’s most accomplished issue writers, author Honeydewistania (under the puppet The Crazy Casbah Sound) had few problems with this resolution. After a more narrative-focused rewrite and a little wordsmithing, the resolution garnered plenty of positive reviews and passed with 79% support.

SC “Commend Northrop-Grummen” (Did not pass): Another resolution that faced problems with the WA’s rules, with a long back and forth over whether Northrop-Grummen’s creation of the NS Dark Theme could be included. In the end, author Makdon took out direct references, which unfortunately left the bulk of the commendation reliant on less noteworthy material. Without much of a leg to stand on, some funky voting patterns by major delegate pushed the proposal over the end, and it failed with 53% Against.

GA#533 “Repeal: ‘International Criminal Protocol’”: I was beginning to think that the failure of the month’s first GA proposal scared off all the GA authors, when Greater Cesnica’s repeal was brought to vote. This repeal emphasized the immorality of the original resolution’s allowance of the death penalty. I won’t disclose my own feelings on the death penalty, because it is a… touchy subject in the GA, if you catch my drift. Sure enough, the debate surrounding this repeal brought out the good, the bad, and the ugly in member nations, with numerous nations raving against a death penalty ban. Others claimed existing WA resolutions defacto banned the death penalty already, making the repeal unnecessary and starting a whole new line of debate. Regardless, the repeal was well written and a slick TG campaign was enough to convince much of the already liberal WA populace to vote for and pass the repeal with 76% support.

GA#534 “Fair Treatment of Prisoners”: Greater Cesnica followed up their repeal with this replacement proposal, which sought to protect prisoners from abuse and unfair treatment without the loopholes of previous proposals. As a highly anticipated and appreciated replacement, this proposal was something of a shoe-in, garnering favorable reviews during debate and passing with 84% support.

GA#535 “Death Penalty Ban”: The third in January’s quartet of prisoner’s rights proposals, and by far the most controversial, author Imperium Anglorum certainly had their hands full with this one. Short and simple, this proposal banned the death penalty for all crimes except those committed during a time of war under the military penal code. Nation after nation weighed in, seemingly coming out of the woodworks to passionately voice their support or opposition to the proposal, and throw in a dash of National Sovereignty arguments. The back-and-forth continued throughout the voting period, but the proposal managed to garner 67% support. Cue the flurry of mixed-quality repeal attempts.

GA “Protecting Sapient Life” (Did not pass): Ready for round four? The last in this month’s series of civil rights proposals, author Tinhampton looked to close off the exception for military tribunals in “Death Penalty Ban” by abolishing the death penalty in any and all cases. Everyone polished up their arguments from previous debates on the merits of the death penalty and jumped right back into the fray. However, complete abolishment of the death penalty proved to be too much for the wider WA (or perhaps they were just tired of the procession of proposals on the topic) and the resolution was defeated with a little under 55% Against.


TMS strives to offer a glimpse into the internal workings of other regions in an effort to remain culturally aware. Jabberwocky serves as Emissary to European Union, whose Commissioner of Internal Affairs, Inquista, has been kind enough to give us a glimpse into EU's inner doings. Please note that tacos are international. This concerns all of us.

The European Taco Act Ends in Catastrophe

The European Commissioner of Foreign Affairs returned to Europolis from his most recent trip to the 10000 Islands. While visiting the Islands, the Commissioner fell in love with their scrumptious tacos, which the Islanders use as their regional currency. The Foreign Affairs Commissioner met with the Premier Commissioner, and discussed the possibility of replacing Euros with deliciously edible tacos as a new and better form of currency. The Premier Commissioner was intrigued by the proposal and organized a meeting between the Foreign Affairs Commissioner and the Director of the European Central Bank. After some deliberation, ECB Director was happily convinced that replacing Euros with tasty tacos was a good idea. The Foreign Affairs Commissioner wrote a legislative motion on the matter and proposed it to the European Council.

The proposal was met with a passionate response. The Councillor from Icholasen was greatly hesitant. Icholasen is a country where nearly the entire population is violently lactose intolerant, and where dairy is classified as a controlled substance. After some debate, the Councillor from Icholasen proposed an amendment that would ban the tacos from containing any cheese or sour cream, and the amendment was subsequently passed. The Councillor from Inquista then expressed concern about the ecological impact of producing meat to put on all the tacos, and proposed an amendment that would make it mandatory that all tacos could only contain tofu. The Councillor from the Duxburian Union was very opposed to this, as Duxburians are typically required to eat at least 120g of protein every day as part of their diets. The Duxburian Councillors was out-voted on the matter, and the amendment was passed.

A debate then broke out between the Councillors of Angleter and Vayinaod, with the former of which arguing that the tacos should be heavily spiced, and the latter of which demanded that the tacos not be spiced at all. After the debate, the Council voted to heavily spice the tacos. The Councillor from Spain then proposed an amendment that required all tacos to have soft shells, rather than hard shells, which was then passed. The Councillor from Pravoslaviya was in disbelief of the whole proposal, and demanded to know why the EU was adopting an idea from the 10000 Islands, and then demanded that the Islands all be counted as to verify the claim that there were 10000 of them. The Council Speaker censured the Pravoslaviyan Councillor, and in the end, the whole Taco Act was passed.

The European Central Bank was converted into a massive kitchen, and the former ECB Director was replaced by the Head Chef of the Leagioan Eurocook competition. The new taco currency proved to be a disaster (and likely violation the EU’s Biological Weapons Act). The combination of the heavy spices, tofu and soft taco shell would almost always result in terrible food poisoning. Moreover, the tacos became an incognito smuggling conduit for the recently discovered ievonuia drug from Eastern Haane, which produces powerfully vivid hallucination. As food poisoning and vivid hallucinations created mayhem across Europe, the European Council quickly moved to repeal the Taco Act and motioned to impeach the Foreign Affairs Commissioner, who was last seen fleeing Europe on a flight to Blue Canaria North.

Commissioner, we appreciate this insight, and TMS encourages other Emissaries to likewise urge their respective regions to let us see how they work.

Sandy Shoals

The citizens of The Ten Thousand Islands are an emotionally and psychologically well balanced bunch who evidently need no advice from our resident consultant. Consequently, Sandy is on vacation this month in some undisclosed balmy, sunny locale…which describes nearly anywhere in XKI. We hope some maladjusted individuals appeal to her so she can return to work next month. While it's true that she makes a respectable income at XKI Casino, she still needs the income our employer so generously provides her. A girl has to eat, after all.


January heralded the Ninth Annual Paffnia Prize Competition, in which citizens of XKI nominate those most worthy of merit for their contributions to our beloved region. This year's nomination featured a stellar lineup, the likes of which may never before have been seen. The winners were HumanSanity and Grea Kriopia for the XKI Summer Olympics. Second Prize went to Hakketomat for the highly popular Tacovision contest. Third Place went to Paffnia for the XKI Space Program, of which TMS has been a very vocal proponent. But we do them scant justice. It is well worth seeing the ceremony in its entirety here: Link


Speaking of Paffnia Prize Second Place Winner Hakketomat, he was forced to respond to the overwhelming demand for a third installment of the wildly popular song Competition, Tacovision. As Hakke put it, “Hello everyone! After a long and terrible wait, TacoVision is back for a third time!"

The name itself is inspired by the real life event called Eurovision which is a contest in which participating nations send their own artists to compete in a song contest. In that contest, the songs have to be newly written and so, this contest departs from that format.”

As anticipated, the competition was hotly contested, but when the dust cleared, the winners were

1st Place: Wischland
2nd Place: Dokansia
3rd Place: Xoriet


THE Cultural Office, with Thedairos at the helm, held a Best Flag Competition:

"In keeping with the tradition, I am happy to announce the Best Flag Competition in February 2021! This contest was started many years ago by Anime daisuki and has been revived last year by HumanSanity, along with a Best Motto Competition.

We are looking for the best and most creative national flag, which will be determined by vote. If you would like to participate, you can submit your flag until the 7th of February. After this, the flags will be randomly sorted into groups and voted upon from the 8th to the 14th until the winner will be determined in the final voting round between the 15th and 21st of February. All Islanders and Friends of the Islands are welcome to participate! TMS will keep readers apprised of the results."


The Ministry of Labor has announced the Poet Laureate Contest:

"Islanders, it's time for the Islands' February Poet Laureate Contest!

So much has happened in the past year, with Among Us gaining a lot of fame, people joking about the possibilities of WW3, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving the royal family. But above all, people persevered and showed bravery. For this iteration of the Poet Laureate competition, pieces can be any style of poetry, so long as it touches on the concept of courage/bravery. Have fun!

Only citizens may submit, and there's a limit of one poem submission per citizen. All entries must be your original work. Please PM all entries to both Free Las Pinas and Ministry of  Labor by 12:00am UTC, Wednesday, February 11th. Do NOT post your entries here or otherwise share them with anyone else but Free Las Pinas . Good luck!"


January was a big month for recruiting with the January Recruiting drive in full swing (sure, that was redundant, but we thought it worth repeating). Rather than duplicate Aschente's work, we urge you to see the presentation of awards yourself here: [url=[/url]. We offer only this teaser, a list of recruiters:

Margaux - House of Louisistan  6993
Sulenia - House of Louisistan  6866
HumanSanity - House of Echolilia  6233
Grea Kriopia - House of Improving Wordiness  3111
Thedairos - House of The Tasmanian Islands  2591
Aschente - House of Markanite  201
Jabberwocky - House of Louisistan  83
Wischland - House of Louisistan  59
Porflox- House of Improving Wordiness  51
Zaberaz Hapang - House of Markanite  42
Kohnhead - House of The Tasmanian Islands  6


Controlitia has announced the new Rookie of the Quarter to be Dokansia. Please observe the ceremony here: Link


The Mad Surfer is looking for highly qualified, motivated, dedicated writers. But maybe you would like to try your hand at it, too. And now WE CAN PAY YOU! Yes, we actually now have a payroll department! Pay commensurate with talent and ability to ingratiate oneself with Editor. Stringent job examination includes placing a mirror in front of your mouth to see if it fogs up. Please notify Jabberwocky or The Mad Surfer to apply.

The really big news is that Louisistan is retiring from his prestigious position as Mayor of Taco Island. If you think you're qualified to fill his size sixteens, apply here: Link

SweetHaven is seeking somebody who is familiar with vBulletin, PHP, and MySQL, to assist them on a project (on vBulletin 5).

For more information, please approach SweetHaven in private.

Ministry of Labor is seeking an artist to render six Knight statues. For details, read this: Link

A Graphic Designer is also needed for Flag Embellishment. Apply within: Link

To the consternation of local gamblers Free Las Pinas has retired from their post as Casino Manager. This naturally leaves an enormous void which Ministry of Labor is eager to fill. For details, read this: Link

There is currently an opening for Emissary to Europe. Apply here: Link

You, too, can be one of the lucky few. Have TMS delivered right to your virtual door: Link

The Mad Surfer is:

Staff Writers: Wischland, Sandy Shoals, Jabberwocky.
Associate Editor: Grea Kriopia
Editor in Chief/Circulation/Advertising: Jabberwocky

Read dispatch

Featuring an article by Inquista!


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Hello y’all! Great to meet you. I’m new around here. :)

Endorse me pls :(

On the plus side Brum Brums rich got richer which is the most important thing. What a shame it was at the expense of the poor!

Hey guys! Come on over to the XKI, Owlograd from Europe is serving us all doughnuts! Doughnut party!

I've been ranked as the nation with the most wealth gaps in the European Union... Yay?

That's not very anarcho-communist of you, as your flag would suggest otherwise

Not something to be proud of.

Post self-deleted by Estico.

Post self-deleted by Estico.

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