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Red Wolf Alliance RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Holy Communist Monarchy of Pure Blooded Whites (elected )

Founder: The Free Republic of NewLeinster

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 134th Most Nations: 154th
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Welcome to the Red Wolf Alliance!
A region based around democracy and RP, where all players have equal opportunities! Founded January 30th, 2018.
Please endorse our WA delegate Pure Blooded Whites

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  • SM017 on the topic of regional reform has passed, the Monzievard Committee has started it's term

  • Senate currently debating SB076 - "Criminal Record Bill"

Current Roleplay

5th Government of the Red Wolf Alliance

Government Secretaries shown below:

Embassies: Council of Islamic States, The Union of Democratic States, The Democratic Republic, The League of Conservative Nations, Imperial Catholic Alliance, United Bird Nations, The LCRUA, Aukumnia, New Republic of Sovereign States, Force, Enadia, The Free Nations Region, Realm of the Whispering Winds, New Western Atlantic, Donjia, Thaecia, and 1 other.Commonwealth Federation.

Tags: Democratic, Large, Map, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, Role Player, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Red Wolf Alliance contains 95 nations, the 154th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Welfare Programs in Red Wolf Alliance

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

As a region, Red Wolf Alliance is ranked 5,548th in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Imperial Commonwealth of Provident NationLeft-wing Utopia“The nation stands as the people unite.”
2.The People's Republic of Sation NateCivil Rights Lovefest“Ea incolumēs erunt in populō ā nobis aedificatō.”
3.The Memeland of NotagenjimainDemocratic Socialists“Let us hope for a different outcome”
4.The Parliamentary Republic of MonzievardLeft-wing Utopia“Freedom in Unity”
5.The Federal Republic of Mittel EuropeNew York Times Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
6.The Commonwealth of OlishireDemocratic Socialists“You Can't Stop Progress”
7.The Serene Land of Abrus RepublicCivil Rights Lovefest“Peace, Honour, Integrity.”
8.The Great and Wise Empire of WolfianiaCorrupt Dictatorship“Wolfiania, never harm de wiik!”
9.The Confederacy of SphaxPsychotic Dictatorship“Life is like riding a bicycle.”
10.The Golden Land of Republic of CaracalesLiberal Democratic Socialists“Death to the enemy”
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Regional Happenings


Red Wolf Alliance Regional Message Board

Tenelian Space Station
With the first parts of the space station ready and the reusable rockets fueled the first section of the space station is launched successfully reaching orbit with a crew of two trained Astronauts who will serve as the first members of the station crew until more sections are attached and more Tenelians can be moved in.

Welcome Yenaloosi to the Red Wolf Alliance!
Ill explain the amazing benefits that come with joining our discord and becoming a citizen, but more importantly feel free to telegram me with any questions or even if you join the discord my name is Pavanpur and you can dm me with anything.

Opportunities such as:
-Joining political parties
-Participating in elections
-Eligible for supreme court nominations
-Create your own party
-Run for any electable positions
-Participate in super fun Role Play by getting your own plot of land and participating in international affairs
-Writing for a newspaper
-Fun competitions (meme competitions, design competitions, etc)

And so much more!

With that bring said, its highly encouraged (basically required) that you join our discord and from there we can get you started on your journey in the RWA. We look forward to the amazing possibilities you will bring to the table when you join!

With any further questions, you can either just post them here or Telegram Common Union of the States V2 !

The Official Peace terms between ITO and the Allied Alliance

Treaty of Garo
ITO, Aelipif, and Mughal Royal and Allied Participants Peace Agreement
Signed in The Imperial States of North America, Garo on the 15th of April, 2019

The Governments of the constituents of ITO and Mughals royal and its allies, hereinafter referred to as the parties:
ITO - NewLeinster, Pavanpur, The Catt Thess, Aelipif, Mittel Europe, the imperial states of north america, Provident Nation, and Monzievard
Allied Powers - Mughals royal, Xenoples, Aliens islands

NOTING that Mughals royal raged an agressive war with its ally Aliens islands in order for it's leader to kidnap and marry Pavanpurian royalty

SEEKING to bring justice to the aggressive allied powers and making sure they don't initiate further wars of agression and bring instability to the region.

RECOGNIZING the necessity to extract monetary reparations from the powers, annex land of the hostile nations, and temporary take control of a economic resources in the defeated nations

HOPING the peace will prevent further conflict and brink victims of the war justice

HAVE AGREED as follows:

It is henceforth agreed an exchange of gold, land, prisoners of war, and resources will be provided to the nations of ITO as recompense for the hostility of the Allied Powers.

Article I - War Guilt
a) Mughals royal shall assume full responsibility for the war, and henceforth acknowledge it fully intended to wage an aggressive war against Pavanpur in order for the Emperor Robot to gain the hand of a Pavanpurian princess.
b) The Mughal Royal Emperor, Emperor Robot shall be seized and placed in the possession of Pavanpurian authorities.

Article II - Monetary Compensation
a) Mughals Royal will pay in gold an amount worth 800,000,000,000 Thalers to the ITO treasury over a period of 15 years an ITO council will decide where to allocate the reparations based on damages done by Mughals royal and its allies to ITO member nations
b) 15% of the amount owned must be payed every 3 years in gold.

Article III - Land Exchange
a) The Republic of NewLeinster shall be given The City of Five Ports, and all surrounding land for a distance of 86 miles.
b) Mittel Europe and The Catt Thess shall partition Xenoples between themselves, with Catt Thess getting the northeast and central region of the country, and Mittel Europe receiving the southeast of Xenoples
c) The Imperial States of North America shall receive Bohemia Island from Mughals royale,who will recognize it as a territory of ISNA, and the ISNA shall also annex Aliens islands in it's entirety, whith Aliens islands land being seen as a dejure part of ISNA, and its people afforded the same rights and privleges of ISNA's own citizens.
Article IV - Resource Rights
a) Aelipif shall be given 95% ownership of all crude and refined oil industries, it shall be allowed to do what it whishes with its ownership and will not be interfered or hindered in anyway by Mughals royal

This Treaty shall go into effect on the 16th of April 2019.

Read dispatch

Tenelian Space Station
the second launch of the station peace was sent up today expanding the size of the station even more and allowing for a third crew member to join the station the project is all on schedule.

Estarianaia Begins New Space Station Preparations
Not to be outdone by recent efforts of other member states of the RWA, the Estarian Government has decided to renew space efforts. While the majority of the private industry in Estarianaia has been recently focusing on streamlining production, particularly for the newly growing retail industry, or focusing on remote asteroid mining, The government has just put out a contract giving a considerable grant to a space company that can come up with the best design. The Governments principals for the new space station were that it must work within a 150 billion dollar initial grant, it must be home to 5 initial cosmonauts, to eventually grow to a crew of 50 permanent residents after several years, and finally, in order to further Estarianaia's already considerable space efforts, it must act as a platform for a new orbital linear accelerator, to eventually be used to propel probes and spaceships far into the solar system with minimal fuel impact.

Estarian Industry Jumps at New Government Contract
Following the governments announcement merely a week ago, several companies, both Estarian and multinational, have submitted their proposed designs to the government. Among these companies are EASAR (Estarian Aeronautics (and) Space Administration Retinue), headed by Bim Jridenstien, SpaceE, headed by Melon Tusk and SFSD (society for space development), a multinational company from Bigtopia, run by company president Bigus Dickus, cousin of Pontius Pilate, the famous emperor. Their designs are expected to be released publicly at a later date, and the winning design shall also be chosen then.

Tenelian Space Station
in response to other nations beginning there own space station project more funding and resources has been allocated to the project as the third launch happens earlier then planned with the station now becoming considerably sized and the reusable rockets being sent for repairs and replaced with the extra ones purchased.

Breaking News:

Earlier today, a ceasefire was arranged between the three factions. All three leaders have agreed that further bloodshed isn’t the answer to a better nation, and all sides have ended hostilities. In New Rome, a “general peace committee” has opened up, and delegations, including all three leaders, have been sent to the old government building in order to draft a peace treaty. This committee will be the government until the official treaty is created. With the government sort-of running again, the nation can return to business as usual.

“Today, fellow members of the Allied States, we begin draft a paper that will change the history of the nation, no the region, for forever. Today, we seek greater understanding over hatred. Today, we lay down our differences to make a torn nation whole again. Today, we end families ripped apart. Our nation was created when six smaller nations decided to unify under one flag. Today, we do the same. Today, we set out to do what our forefathers had done.”
-John F Kennedy.

With the government running again, the nation will begin to re establish social services and will now attempt to return the nation to its normal functioning self.

Tenelian Tank factory
Today the military announced it will begin the production of 30 Abrams tanks and be looking for more light tank designs from other nations.

Estarian Government Chooses Winning Space Station Design
It's here, it's out! Amidst raucous cries from the general populace, who have been following the situation intently, Lexi boy today announced in a press conference that the design submitted by EASAR would be accepted. Lexi boy also mentioned that all designs submitted had merit, despite the entry from Bigus Dickus being little more than a crudely drawn phallic object. To quote, "there is little more that could be a better practical joke than spending 150 billion dollars on a giant space penis". However, in this rare situation, reason seems to have prevailed, and Bim Jridenstein gratefully attended the press conference, thanking his design team for their hard work. Lexi boy finished the press conference by thanking the Estarian general populace, who submitted thousands of their own designs from industries and citizens alike, including a "remarkably plausible" design from a class of year 11 students from Xanthamus Senior Boys College, who had worked on it as a collective project outside of school. The design was apparently so plausible that Melon Tusk personally contacted the boys to offer them internships at SpaceE.

Winning Designs Basic Schematics Released To The Estarian Public
EASAR's design submission has now been released to the general public and the region, after being severely redacted and all exact specifications have been removed to prevent other nations or companies stealing trade secrets. The station shall henceforth be called the COSMOA (Celestial Orbital Satellite (with) Magnetic Orbital Accelerator) The design will begin construction immediately, as basic components are already ready. Others, like the LinAc itself, will need to be constructed and researched over the coming years.

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