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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
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1.Horsemen of the ApocalypseFlag-643,4698,214 NationsUnderworld
2.An Alliance of PotatoesFlag284,8475,938 NationsThe Potato Alliance
3.Augustin AllianceFlag287,4885,375 NationsAugustin Alliance
4.Ba Sing SeFlag275,8324,853 NationsThe City of Ba Sing Se
5.CRABFlag107,9702,979 NationsCRAB
6.A.T.O.M.I.CFlag1,6272,099 NationsATOMIC
7.Fuster Cluck CoalitionFlag44,956633 NationsNorthern Ocean
8.Bad Life Choices-27,576623 Nations
9.The Army of FreedomFlag-20,752451 NationsArmy of Freedom
10.BENIAN alliance-6,708366 Nations
11.RAILGUN18,531265 Nations
12.NSLeft International BrigadesFlag-6,441245 NationsThe Internationale
13.yNaught-16,074166 Nations
14.The V.E.N.G.A.B.U.S.Flag-11,626156 NationsThe United Empires of Carson
15.The League™Flag-12,941153 NationsThe League of Conservative Nations
16.Nuclear World OrderFlag-8,925150 NationsFirst World Order
17.Commonwealth Armed ForcesFlag-13,702147 NationsPeoples Republic of the Commonwealth
18.BlepiaFlag-9,876143 NationsBlepia
19.Bikini BottomFlag-4,323138 NationsSouth Pacific
20.The Shadow CultFlag-8,336118 NationsConfederation of Corrupt Dictators
21.Second Best Test 2-10,126115 NationsCard Defenders Alliance
22.Mars Command-7,55492 NationsMars Command
24.I am super mario from the game super marFlag-7,66287 NationsLardyland
25.Gest is BestFlag-8,45786 NationsThe Invaders
26.Kings Nuclear GuardFlag-6,71776 NationsBluecrown Keep
27.The Lost OnesFlag-7,22375 NationsThe Wooloo Pact
28.Enderby TechnateFlag-7,38475 NationsEnderby technate
29.UNC- Pacto Nuclear-6,96874 NationsTratado de libertad cientifica economica
30.Secret Soviet Nuclear Association-7,30073 Nations
31.ICMAFlag-6,17472 NationsDa Couch Gang
32.Iwaku SqueakersFlag-6,45271 NationsThe Glorious Nations of Iwaku
33.100th best testing region-6,04170 Nations
34.Unlikely AllianceFlag-3,41369 NationsRKS System
35.Fuerza Nuclear HispanaFlag-3,49061 NationsUnion Mundial
36.The E TeamFlag-4,11161 NationsEquilism
37.Mashed PotatoesFlag-4,79655 NationsBawkie
38.The Gladiator TrashmenFlag-5,48853 NationsLasagna
39.The Sliding LegionFlag-1,86452 NationsThe Slide Countries
40.Will this work-20050 Nations
41.Advertise-4,80048 Nations
42.TDK-TDC-HIYAMASHUFlag-3,55946 NationsThe Democratika
43.222222222222222222222222Flag-4,16446 NationsSecond Place
44.UFM - SCHOOL CLASS REGION - DON'T NUKEFlag-4,25446 NationsFederation of Martian Colonies
45.Matheo Faction-4,48746 NationsMatheo
46.brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-3,20545 NationsTwo
47.Alnobian Nuclear Testing Site 2-3,73042 NationsPangurstan
48.The Central PowersFlag-2,08140 NationsBattleship
49.Prussian Army-3,76439 NationsAxis of Storms II
50.GholgothFlag4,81736 NationsGholgoth

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.