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Valhalla RMB

WA Delegate: The 🌸 Theory of Happiness 🌸 of Vrolondia (elected )

Founder: Gro ii

Last WA Update:

Board Activity History Admin Rank

Largest Black Market: 384th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 386th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 461st+21
Most World Assembly Endorsements: 696th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 708th Most Advanced Public Education: 720th Nudest: 772nd Largest Welfare Programs: 835th Most Subsidized Industry: 872nd Most Influential: 971st Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,185th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,187th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,438th Best Weather: 1,456th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,461st Highest Poor Incomes: 1,506th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,596th Largest Governments: 1,678th Highest Average Tax Rates: 1,689th Highest Economic Output: 1,759th Lowest Crime Rates: 1,813th Most Devout: 1,907th Most Cultured: 2,293rd Most Nations: 2,296th
World Factbook Entry

VALHALLA is a well-known defense stronghold. This vast hall has five hundred and forty doors. The rafters are spears, the hall is roofed with shields and breast-plates litter the benches. It is here that the Valkyries, Odin's spirits of war, bring heroes to await the battle of Ragnarok.

"Thors Hammered" is open 24/7 so come on in and join us for a free drink!

Outgoing Delegate: Miporin
Delegate-elect: Vrolondia
Immigration Minister: Illustaria
Development Minister: Vacant

» ENDORSE Vrolondia
, the new delegate of Valhalla!
» Applications for Development Minister - More Information

Sister Region: YGGDRASIL
Regional Diplomacy: See list of embassies below

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Embassies: Yggdrasil, Scandinavia, Kittens Sanctuary, Jethnea, The Council of Narnia, The NationStates Holocaust Memorial, New Warsaw Pact, The Crown Federation of Recon, The MT Army, 10000 Islands, Pony Lands, Celtica, Mordor, Eientei Gensokyo, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, and Texas.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Fantasy Tech, Featured, Founderless, Generalite, Independent, Map, Offsite Forums, Password, Silly, and Small.

Valhalla contains 7 nations, the 2,296th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Pro-Market in Valhalla

This data was compiled by surveying a random sample of businesses with the question, "Do you believe the government is committed to free market policies?"

As a region, Valhalla is ranked 18,960th in the world for Most Pro-Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The 🌸 Theory of Happiness 🌸 of VrolondiaLeft-Leaning College State“Many a waltz spun awkwardly out of the rain”
2.The Republic of YcleptInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You can call me Ray...”
3.The 10000 Islands Emissary State of Puppaffnia IIPsychotic Dictatorship“Serviens Paffniae quoque”
4.The Republic of Moon RocketAuthoritarian Democracy“Hey diddle diddle”
5.The Puffy Cute Dictatorship 💦 of OymyakonPsychotic Dictatorship“💦 I am the one who arranges the blocks! 💦”
6.The Sultanate of The UrkerrithPsychotic Dictatorship“Might Makes Right”
7.The Queendom of KittenHavenScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Love shall overcome all adversity”

Regional Happenings


Valhalla Regional Message Board

OH! My favorite type of issue!

The Issue

This morning’s strategy meeting was brought to a grinding halt when you and your cabinet were subjected to the worst pot of tea you have ever had the misfortune of suffering. The leaves weren’t properly brewed, the milk was skimmed AND powdered, the water was lukewarm, and the sugar bowl was full of salt...

The Debate

“Oh gosh Leader, I’m so sorry I don’t know how to make your boiled leaf water,” spits Georgina, the ever-sarcastic secretary responsible for the offending brew. “I was busy learning trivialities like typing, minute-taking, IT skills, and calendar organising. How about you all drink Eckie-cola from now on, instead? In fact, you should get rid of tea from the whole of GRO II: it’s a drink for old farts and fuddy-duddies anyway.”


“Look, I’m the Secretary of State, the damn Secretary of State, I say, and even I know how to make tea properly,” complains your elderly Secretary of State, pointing to the desk nameplate that says Secretary of State. “The problem with young people today, well, besides being constantly glued to their Pear Phones, is that they don’t know how to slow down and take their time. We should make tea-making and kitchen skills a part of the national curriculum, and encourage all those teenagers and twenty-somethings to stop rushing around, and to appreciate a proper tea service.”


“Pfft, slow-mo food and drink is so last century,” mocks Larry MacDonald, your Chief of Science, while digging into his microwave burrito. “What you need is instant tea, in a can, with some sort of heating widget that triggers with the ring pull, and plenty of preservatives to make it last. Once again, science has the answer! So, shall I assign some government grants for food technology research, or what?”


“Oolongs for better tea?” giggles Rosalia Sims, your pun-loving Minister of Agriculture, and your Cabinet brace themselves for an onslaught of tea-related puns. “Can we Matcha solution to the problem? Can we Rize to the occasion? Did you read that report I Sencha? Did I get things down to a tea, my Darjeelings?” In the face of blank faces and silence, she changes tack. “Uh... anyway, coffee. Coffee is easier to make and nicer. Subsidise coffee growers.”


Gro ii wrote:What do you guys think? Should we recruit and open borders, or keep the password?

Recruit and open the border.

New update from your friends at 10000 Islands:

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: November 2018
Population: 1172
Delegate Endorsements: 350
Forum: Link

The following is the Emissary Report for December 2018.

As of this report's publication, the government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~ Chief Executive: Woonsocket
~ WA Delegate: Kuriko
~ Senator of Lyonesse East: Louisistan
~ Senior Senator of Himes West: Siuts
~ Senator of Blue Canaria North: Sargon Reman
~ Senator of New Republica South: Jabberwocky
~ Minister of Immigration: New ecopia
~ Minister of Labor: Paffnia
~ Minister of Education: The United Royal Islands of Euramathania

TITO Command
As of the publication of this report, TITO command consists of:
~ Commander-in-Chief: Woonsocket
~ Field Commander: Kanta Hame
~ Tactical Officer: Kortexia
~ Tactical Officer: Aschente
~ Tactical Officer: Aersoldorf
~ EF Tactical Officer: Smugglers and Mercs
~ Executive Officer: Hakketomat

News Around The Islands

- Nominations for the Seventh Annual Paffnia Prize are now open.
- Longtime Islander Mutanatia has returned to XKI!
- The stock market is back online after a brief period of being down, thanks to Louisistan.
- Election nominations are open for Blue Canaria North, New Republica South and Himes West.
- The 14th House Cup and Shield Competition has begun as of January 1st and will last until January 31st.
- Delegate Kuriko has authored and successfully passed Condemn Macedon.
- In December Delegate Kuriko led a weekend visit to The Hole To Hide In.
- 10000 Islands accepted and opened an embassy with South Pacific.

Written by Sargon Reman

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A special thank you to everyone here in Valhalla for the vote of support for SC #276! Grateful to have a region of such wonderful friends!:

New update from your friends at 10000 Islands:

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: January 2019
Population: 1,114
Delegate Endorsements: 335
Forum: Link

The following is the Emissary Report for January 2019.


As of this report's publication, the government of 10000 Islands consists of:

~ Chief Executive: Woonsocket
~ WA Delegate: Kuriko
~ Senator of Lyonesse East: Louisistan
~ Senator of Himes West: Twobagger
~ Senator of Blue Canaria North: Sargon Reman
~ Senior Senator of New Republica South: Jabberwocky
~ Minister of Immigration: New ecopia
~ Minister of Labor: Paffnia
~ Minister of Education: Markanite

TITO Command

As of the publication of this report, TITO command consists of:

~ Commander-in-Chief: Woonsocket
~ Field Commander: Kanta Hame
~ Tactical Officer: Kortexia
~ Tactical Officer: Sorya
~ Tactical Officer: Shy Guyia
~ EF Tactical Officer: Smugglers and Mercs
~ Executive Officer: Hakketomat
~ Executive Officer: Aschente

Political News

An election was held in January for the Senate seats of Blue Canaria North and New Republica South, with a special election for the Himes West Senate seat as well. Sargon Reman ran unopposed for Blue Canaria North while Twobagger and Siuts ran in a very tight race for Himes West. Jabberwocky and the esteemed Markanite contended for the New Republica South Senate seat but Markanite withdrew after being chosen as the new Minister of Education just three days before the conclusion of the election. Sargon Reman, Jabberwocky and Twobagger are the January election winners.

News Around The Islands

- Senior Senator Jabberwocky has won Taco Island Charities' Seventh Annual Paffnia Prize! Kortexia has won the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ruby Prize and Kuriko and Alkasia have won the Baden-Wuerttemberg Opal Prize.
- Chief Executive Woonsocket has named Markanite as the next Minister of Education
- Delegate Kuriko led a visit to the region of Canada.
- Minister of Education Markanite has hired Na kanaka isles, The Tasmanian Islands, and Alemputo to the 10000 Islands Official Welcome Committee.
- Minister of Education Markanite has hired The Soylent Green Party, Free Land of Rebellium, Dustwind, and The Tasmanian Islands to the TIBOE (Ten thousand Islands Brigade of Official Endorsers) program.
- Tuga Nation has been named Deputy Minister of Education.
- The Council rejected NS 286-1: Driselbia Embassy Request by consensus because members of the region were active raiders/imperialist.
- The Council rejected NS 286-2: New Western Atlantic Embassy Request Request by consensus due to the result of the last embassy request vote.
- The Council passed NS 286-3: South Pacific Embassy Request 4-0, with 1 abstention and 4 delegations to the delegate's prerogative
- Paffnia, longtime 10KI citizen, was Commended by the WA Security Council. Congratulations Paffnia! This brings the number of Commended islanders to five.
- Sargon Reman has been appointed Regional Reserve Chair.

Written by Sargon Reman

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New update from your friends at 10000 Islands:

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: April 2019
Population: 1,024
Delegate Endorsements: 302

The Following is the Emissary Report for April 2019

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Chief Executive: Markanite.
~Field Commander: Kanta Hame.
~Tactical Officers: Kortexia, Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), Twobagger.
~Executive Officers: Aschente, Hakketomat.


As of this report’s publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
-Chief Executive: Markanite
-WA Delegate: United Royal Islands
-Senator of Lyonesse East: Triora
-Senator of Himes West: Flemingisa
-Senator of Blue Canaria North: Tanzoria
-Senator of New Republica South: Dominion of Compassion
-Minister of Immigration: Sargon Reman
-Minister of Labor: Paffnia
-Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands

May was election season in the 10000 Islands, and saw a great change in the make-up of the Government. Senators Jabberwocky, Twobagger and Witchcraft and Sorcery decided not to run for re-election. If citizens were hoping for exciting campaigns to find their replacements they would be let down. Flemingisa and Dominion of Compassion were elected to their seats without opposition, and Tanzoria cruised to victory against his opponent, USSR/Hahiha. All three newly elected senators represent the Mayor Shelter Political Party. A further shake-up was made with the appointment of Sargon Reman as minister of Immigration early last month, replacing the outgoing Tuga Nations Dragon.

Around the Islands

-Chief Executive Emeritus Woonsocket was commended by the Security Council for his long years of service to the region and the wider NS world, in a
resolution written by fellow Islander Sargon Reman. Congratulations Woon!
-Kortexia, Tuga Nation’s Dragon and Twobagger all received TITO promotions after reaching defending milestones.
-The Islands celebrated TITO Day on May 9th. Many exemplary Islanders were honoured with medals for their service.
-Long time islander Witchcraft and Sorcery announced he was stepping back from his roles in the 10000 Islands to pursue opportunities in The South
Pacific. Thank you and good luck, W&S!
-The Archpileago Territory has been named Deputy Minister of Education
-The Regional Reserve named Mingulay Isle as winner of the Account of the Quarter award for Q2 2019. His reward is 75000 Tacos.
-Escanaba was recruiter of the month, with Sargon Reman and and Louisistan coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively.
-Vedrea, Hamletus and The Kingdom of Trivia have been selected as featured nations
-The Grand Debate Hall of the XKI University has been filled with discussion over hot button topics like Universal Basic Income, Abortion and
-Immigration and somewhat strangely, favourite numbers.
-In Taco Island, Aschente [a href=""]launched a rebellion[/a] against Mayor Ater Nox for not being
corrupt enough. The Mayor reacted with indignation at his credentials in the field of corruption being questioned.
-Tanzoria seems to believe [a href=""]Bolty has falsely convicted
[/a]Hakketomat of a crime, although it is unclear exactly when, where or why this happened.

As an additional note: Due to IRL commitments pending in August, I have determined that it is best that I stand down with our July Elections, to allow a successor to be selected. The continued work of the Delegate remains an important function within the region, one which I would not like to see unfilled especially by unavoidable absences and distraction. I hope that you know how much your support has meant to me. I plan to remain active in the region, albeit to a potentially lesser degree.
Wishing all you the best,
The United Royal Islands of Euramathania
10,000 Islands Delegate.

A kind thank you to all the nations endorsing the delegate at this time

The Tasmanian Islands, Oom, Wysrod, Laykeria, Srutututia, The Soylent Green Party, Colonel Terrosit, Kilenel, Blagaria, Dustwind, Greater indica, Sellea, Tzo, New Udonia, Echocrimsonia, Generic Country Name That Is Available, The Empire of the Clarence, Blogotopia, The Utah Federation, Old Atlantica, The Biggles Syndicate, Karlando, Esnua, Berzerkastan, Anisopterra, Gluebucket, Dovant, Jiria, Spesstopia, Sygnafylki, North atlantic allies, The playa wastes, Manlinesslavia, Adorable Kittens, Slaytania, Gewisse, Polar peak, Godia Leiberiteria, Zeganas, Future of Mankind, Lower Phlebacite, South Proales, KJU Marshall, Free Land of Rebellium, Thuringen hesse, The iron crown order, Tijdtevelia, Zyrcrestia, Mastodonia, Anollasia, Crusakh, Russiaone, Dunnagall, Palman, HN67, The dwemmer, Erictom333, Aleg, Inberdia, Prudor, Muricasz, Cape Vessey, Parpaza, Northern African Sahara, Swag Chief Bubba Estate, Seranis, Nogalacia, Leship, Pax athena, Achiotopia, Hamletus, Flex Lexington, Creeptopia, Seantonia, Earth federation, Tangora, Maalemzya, Wakazia, Kyrizstanislav, Isentran, Danyl, Ferte, Kebecois, Grimmywelsh, Govem, Futustan, Testa, Finswedeway, Iontan, Andreusz, Zulcanmaral, Manonmanistan, Whatapity, Lastrov, Jimaica, Rex Republic, Zeklandia, Bone appeh yeete, Uprus, Samonaemia, Republic of Nutella, The Snake Brotherhood, West gong island, Grungerock, Coreras, Lucifersguardian, The Parandeam, Free earthian yap, Avenged sevenfoldia, Brandenbourg-Anhalt, PYT, Rockerville, Grifopolis, Novegia, Freres la cote, Death house, Stalorpreadum, Ananke II, Vivolkha, Techoligia, The Texas Faction, Polka republic, Tobrana, The grand duchy of alsatia, Kingakethaga Islands, Aspistania, Kanaia, Abonland, Cyrenean, Ris areuhamen, Sovereign Research Concerns, Free Booze, Radicarcs, Krystalveil, Barkdull, Catalyzation, Fresem-sherem, Argoslasia, New Gilboa, Flemingisa, Spncrgmn, Luzaatia, Agile footsteps, The Marcolinan Islands, Lamborghini Murcielago, Human realm, Anima lucet, New maarssen, Ishkabibber, Reinhartin, The Red Falls, Formic republic, Bolter, ClumsyCat, Pal lundelackcodan, Nabresh, Emanian republic, Germanglia, Tanzoria, A Lee Project, Country 197, Greek People Nation, Vonotia, Fleeb, Swedish socialist assembly, Better Indonesia, Osito Libre, Lacuna, Snoozing buffalax, Chip Skylark, Euphorialand, Gnuk, Belistien, Imbarien, Gaintry, Opress, Hooklah, Zachais, Leirkra, North Southumberland, Brookinsia, New Fania, Hawalius, Robloxica, Speransky, Sorchamei, Ironica Butterfly, Hexicore, Languiss tam, Samaduria, Keltische, The Kangaroo Imperium, Marchandal, South and east illyria, Greater New Amsterdam, Vedrea, Hollo, Petalumadom, Tycorn, Anigeto, Hellei, Serlone, Davosas, The aurora archipelago, Socialist States of East Antarctica, Hallakoku, Chillvale, Northern ravenlight, Supreme order of alberta, Kristlaand, Nooooooooooooooo, Unruliness, Cybershield, Yaakovim jacobis, Germanic and Jewish people, Tarski robinson, Balist, McFierce, Al-Keta, Lesboes, Yungtopia, Ered anor, ShadowVoltia, Pomerania blanca, Edorask, Catoshi, New Dracora, Hamtown, New new florida, Eist, Nice n thicc, Sigmantium, Amor libertatem, Fabian republic, Loukania, Amertiostan, Rosmensia, United states of kerthina, Lezlielezbian, Marijhierba, HumanSanity, Ayenn, Ammerriccca, Mursilis, Niedonia, Chelodia, Thomason, Seanaldsonia, Trivia, Jaull, Melondonia, Llyndon, Datland, The republikan empire, Puppetoniala iii, Dvvk, Halimia, Recos, Nye, Dregotoria, Sotigeor, THX1138, Emulini, Zim-topia, The City States Of Las Vegas, The precocity, Alter nox, The akki islands, Slugville, Qerth, Cyber revolution, True Mans, Sorya, Estansiona, New rantera, Jestorio, Grahnol, Faselnum, Hacame, -Echolilia-, The gods of the pit, Solleana, Kuriko, Silence must fall, Arctic Coalition

A reminder to all nations to endorse the Delegate. It helps our region remain strong against raiders and increases our voice in WA votes.

Adrithen, North oans, Ceria strora, Torrasque, Perzische Keizer, Matterland, Punlords, Republic of beamish, The full islands, Helvanland, Hockey-puck, Killettland, Galyksyken, The African Emirates, Christophany, The TerranRepublics, EngiCorp, West moralia, Lavize, Yaoshewan, Liberination, The Hashima Island Republic, Versail, Ujuzi, Puffo, Pancan, Zabistan, Dragon Blade, Strbrst, Wonderstrands, Duinhironia, Japanen, Isondia, Popesome, Caspeinia, Dragon-kin, Prussian liberty, Embezzle, United yacht association, Myndithos, Skavill, Pozdow, Terra reina, Jjuj, Sarjovia, Lebanonon, Shrej, Never wonder-land, United archipelago new europe, Molias, The great insquidition, Draconian Wagonites, Sovkyn, Faulknaria, Nuridia, Atlantianis, Era von, Condottieri International, Cityvile town, Bevilla, Yarlsberg, Jhonshire, Soldierstan, Salq, Faermersa, Talamh neart, Euzania, Asplundh, Karlstejn, Thestitcheddollface, Anarchic Economy, Saarwald, East ladonia, Belevicha, West Xanathananos, Bobberian, Bufflo billy, Busch gardens, Arcwrath, Eames, Wubestan, Treyusa, Seleii, Keriad, Kaltovar, Melbinn, Irabistan, Trapzania, SHASLAND, Babritonstandmunkia, Cerb, Allyndwind, Ahsager, LordOd, Libasol, Azo-tarr, Haptic floe, Posadystopia, Titanica, Potato landia, Stroulia, Hachotionia, Lebenlauf, Democratic republic of pancakes, A meep moop, The monkadroidic lands, Austral Coast, Epic style 420, Sonne blumes, The crummmy land of capitalism, Villantaka, Newpol, Pengu, The oceanian states of ingsoc, Anaketra, Imperatorian, Yugo-bulgaria, Purple Administration, Western lux reavern

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New update from your friends at 10000 Islands:

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: September 2019
Population: 1186
Delegate Endorsements: 284

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
Commander-in-Chief: Markanite
Field Commander: Kanta Hame
Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), Twobagger, Mingulay Isle
Executive Officers: Hakketomat, Aschente

- Since our last update, Kortexia has stepped down from his role as TO. TITO thanks him for his service.
- Additionally, Mingulay Isle has been promoted to TO.
- Finally, congratulations to our Minister of Immigration Sargon Reman on his promotion to be the 110th Knight of TITO.


The current government of the 10000 Islands is:
-Chief Executive: Markanite
-WA Delegate: Kuriko
-Senior Senator for Himes West: Flemingisa
-Senator for Lyonesse East: The United Royal Islands of Euramathania
-Senator for Blue Canaria North: HumanSanity
-Senator for New Republica South: Aschente
-Minister of Immigration: Sargon Reman
-Minister of Labor: Paffnia
-Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands

Election Season
Since our last update, Delegate elections have been held. Former Delegate Kuriko returns to her post after defeating Sargon Reman. Aersoldorf was forced to step down from his post as Senator for Lyonesse East due to real life – the region thanks him for his service. Flemingisa was reelected as Senator for Himes West.

In the most recent round of Senate elections, Tanzoria did not run for re-election to his seat as Blue Canaria North senator. For that election, HumanSanity of MSPP defeated Marxist Germany of TCP. URI of TCP ran unopposed for her old seat as Senator for Lyonesse East. Senior Senator for New Republic South Dominion of Compassion of MSPP lost reelection to Aschente of TCP, a long time TITO contributor making his first foray into regional government.

Legislative Changes

Around the Islands

Role Play
Himes West Senator Flemingisa is working on a forthcoming Quiddich Role Play.

Shelter’s Taco Island
- following the retirement of Mayor Ater Nox, Markanite appointed Louisistan to be the new Mayor of Shelter’s Taco Island. See here:
- Louisistan immediately opened his Mayor’s Mansion. See here:
- Delegate Kuriko was temporarily held by the Taco Island Police Department for a list of offenses. See here:
- A deal was struck between rebel leader Aschente and Mayor Louisistan after a drawn out conflict dating back to Louisistan's appointment as Mayor. See here:
- The mysterious HATE group is beginning to make a mark on Taco Island. Their goals are as of yet unkown. See here:
- SweetHaven and United Royal Islands have started Werewolves #64: Chaos in the Carnival. See here:
- New Mayor Louisistan inducted Ater Nox, the outgoing Mayor, into the Spammer Hall of Fame. See here:

- Paffnia was appointed Cartographer-General by Chief Executive Markanite. See here:
- Paffnia subsequently released the updated XKI Map. See here:
- Paffnia has appointed Free Earthian Yap as the Deputy Cartographer-General to help oversee the integration of the Map with RP. We look forward to seeing their continuing efforts! See here:
- Senator for Lyonesse East United Royal Islands has posted the House Cup, Shield, and Sceptre competition and Prolific Posting Contest for the month of September. Thanks to URI for running it and to Taco Island Charities for funding the Prolific Posting Contest. See here: and
- 10000 Islands participated in N-Day this year as part of the Canopy faction, coming in second place with their many friends. See here:
- Regional Reserve Chairwoman United Royal Islands declared Paffnia the “Account of the Quarter”. Congratulations to Paffnia! See here:
- THX1138 was named a Featured Nation by The Tasmanian Islands! See here:
- In the month of September, Escanaba was our top recruiter, relatively new recruiter THX1138 was our runner up recruiter, and HS and Jabberwocky made substantial contributions. The regional population is up 115 nations over the month of September. Good work to all!
- Escanaba was promoted to Deputy Minister of Immigration by Sargon Reman and Na Kanaka Isles was promoted to Deputy Minister of Education by The Tasmanian Islands
- Some of you are getting new Emissaries shortly! Ammotangadia has been appointed emissary to the Renegade Islands Alliance, The Tasmanian Islands has been appointed emissary to The Union of Democratic States, Ayunli was appointed Ambassador to The Rejected Realms, Marxist Germany was appointed emissary to The Hole to Hide In, THX1138 has been appointed emissary to Europe, Philosophy 115, and the Western Isles, and The Valencian Federation has been appointed emissary to The Coalition of Democratic Nations. Congratulations to all of our new emissaries and I hope everyone gets a chance to mix and mingle. See here:
- The Tasmanian Islands has hired Sargon Reman as a Buddy. See here:
- longtime 10000 Islands contributor and former Delegate Dominion of Compassion announced that he was leaving the region to pursue other interests. We wish him the best of luck in his future pursuits. See here:
- for a more offbeat and upbeat take on recent 10000 Islands news, check out The Mad Surfer on the 10000 Islands forum thanks to Jabberwocky and his team! See here:

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Happy new year to everyone in Valhalla!


People I invite you to vote for the great Empire Of Kuriko


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