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“The State is like a vast slaughterhouse or an enormous cemetery, where all the real aspirations, all the living forces of a country enter generously and happily, in the shadow of that abstraction, to let themselves be slain and buried.”
― Mikhail Bakunin

Welcome to Anarchy, a community in NationStates that advocates for all forms of Anarchy and a safe place for fellow anarchists.

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1.The Iron Mall of DragynCapitalizt“Shop 'til you drop!”
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4.The Free Land of ProcyonidaAnarchy“Sic Semper Harpyja”
5.The Undefined Lawless Territory of Total anarchyaCapitalizt“ataxias kai anarkhias”
6.The Cruel Irony of TaxandrieCapitalizt“.......................................................”
7.The Confederated Communes of The Gilded HordeAnarchy“Here one must plough and sow if one wishes to reap”
8.The Free Land of Floppy FloppyAnarchy“Quite frankly, my dear, we don't give a flop.”
9.The Heirs of MagnoxCapitalizt“Dawn of The Diamond Age”
10.The Republic of BeanieboizAnarchy“I like em big, I like em chunky, i like em round with s”
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helo freinds
what does a standing fro in flag?
i am wanting to write this on neighbour door if it meanings the anus [hes the real ashole)


Baldwin Park wrote:Boycott Kroger grocery stores like Ralphs and Food4Less if you live in the US. These greedy POS are making record profits like all grocers, and they whine about paying their workers a decent wage. They're closing down stores in LA and Long Beach where poor people shop to punish society for having to pay a pittance of their net wealth to working class persons.

Amazon is also slave driving its workers good while trying to quash efforts of workers to organize unions. To think I was about to work for them recently, till I researched what working there was like and what workers said. Maybe I'll just join to help organize other workers and be a pain in Amazon's side.

Destroy these two parasites by avoiding them and denying them the strength to continue abusing the workers.

I am not blind to the fact that substantive change is needed, and that these are merely symptoms of a mortal disease on sentient beings called Capitalism which we can only truly cure by nullifying it.

While thats still in the works though, avoid these POS corporations please...

*random rant done*

I cancelled my Amazon account 2 years ago. I also had them delete all the tracking info first, its insane the data they have on everyone who has shopped there even once. Also they do not pay enough in taxes. I am not agree to end Capitalism, just to end abuses so yes I hear you on this subject but am not revolutionary in that way. But good things need to happen to the less fortunate by opportunity to meaningfully work and get meaningfully compensated as well. Balance is key. Someone lost the key :(

Regent wrote: I am not agree to end Capitalism, just to end abuses so yes I hear you on this subject but am not revolutionary in that way.

Why are you not an anarchist?

Statement from DSA's Councilorship of Foreign Affairs

Dear friends,

it is with great pleasure that today the Democratic Socialist Assembly celebrates its 10th anniversary since the founding of our region! We have gone through many changes, some joyful and some dark times, and we have endured in the path towards Socialism till now. I have been a member of the DSA roughly since 2016, so I do share most of its history by now. We have radically changed our friendships and embassies over the last two years and I'm happy to have been instrumental in promoting our tightening of relations with our current embassies, as well as the creation of the NS Solidaric Triad Agreements. I wish all our friends from allied regions all the best and I give each and everyone of you our thanks for sticking with us and providing much needed love and solidarity!

Happy DSA Day!
Solidarity Forever!

- Celle Franca, Councilor of Foreign Affairs in the DSA

Regent wrote:I cancelled my Amazon account 2 years ago. I also had them delete all the tracking info first, its insane the data they have on everyone who has shopped there even once. Also they do not pay enough in taxes. I am not agree to end Capitalism, just to end abuses so yes I hear you on this subject but am not revolutionary in that way. But good things need to happen to the less fortunate by opportunity to meaningfully work and get meaningfully compensated as well. Balance is key. Someone lost the key :(

To each their own vision. Balance is definitely key. Where the person defines the side lacking should be with working people and human dignity.

That's just me.

Song for Anarchy just cause its a nice one and I'm smiling today. Have a blessed day y'all.

More Than Words- Extreme

Hello everyone!
This is Talamia, General Cabinet Aide for Democratic Socialist Assembly’s Ministry of Role-Play.

I would gladly extend to all Anarchy members an invitation to become part of the Comrades Cup, the very first football tournament in the history of our region. My country will host the event. It’s going to be a tournament for national football teams in the style of the FIFA World Cup.

The Comrades Cup is the first official event launched by DSAFF, the newly formed DSA Association Football Federation. The DSAFF was born with the aim of encouraging sports role-play within our region. The birth of the federation is the first step in a long-term project to give importance to NationStates' Left in the football field.

It is not mandatory to be part of DSAFF in order participate to the Comrades Cup, but we would be honored if any of Anarchy nations would join the project and have fun with us.

Here you can find a link to the guide on how to join:


If you are here, it is because Auxe Aggelia and Gian Gianvilipendio did it again. They set you up.

Or maybe you are just a football fan, like Talamia is.

Do you want to join DSAFF but don't know how or why?

This is the right place for you. Follow this guide and find the answers to your questions

What is the DSAFF?

  • The Democratic Socialist Assembly Football Federation (DSAFF) is a major administrative and governing body of association football. Its goal is to create a community interested in sports' role-playing in the DSA. The DSAFF will cover national and club competitions, connecting the nations of the DSA and allowing them to compete for major football awards.

    The first competition that DSAFF is going to organize is the Comrades Cup 2021, a tournament for national selections similar to the FIFA World Cup. The winner will be crowned the first-ever DSA world champion.

    The Comrades Cup will kick-start a ranking system and set the stage for the creation of the DSA Champions League.

    This tournament will be played between the winning and second clubs of the domestic leagues of each interested country. The creation of this second tournament will give way to a system of players transfermarket and to a lot more of role-playing.

Who can take part in the DSAFF?

  • All the nations within the DSA. You are not required to be a member of congress or to be on the official map.

How do I join the DSAFF?

  • Send Talamia a telegram on NationStates or a private message on Discord, in which you specify if you are interested in joining the federation, if you are interested in entering your national team in the Comrades Cup 2021 or if you interested in both.

What will happen next?

  • You will be assigned a DSAFF code. After that we will be waiting until the federation has reached a sufficient number of members to be able to start the Comrades Cup.

What do I do in the meantime?

  • Two words: role-playing.

    To be part of the DSAFF and participate in the Comrades Cup you will have to prove the existence of the football reality within your country.

But how?

  • Through a factbook, you will have to give life to your national team: players called up, uniforms, colors, badges, stadiums and any kind of detail or backstory you would like to add! This is the time to let your imagination run wild: the future of your team will depend on your initial decisions.

I'm in! But I've never done anything like this, how do I start?

  • Don't worry: Talamia is here to help you out. Useful templates and dedicated sites will be made available to all DSAFF members.

    You can start by visiting the official page of the Talamian national team or the Talamian Alfa League as references:

nation=talamia/detail=factbook/id=1352858 nation=talamia/detail=factbook/id=1250234

Where will the DSAFF come to life?

  • The DSAFF has its own dedicated Discord server. You will receive the invitation link once you have confirmed you participation. There, we will comment, role-play and attend live matches.

How will the Comrades Cup work?

  • The tournament will be mostly RP based. Pre and post-matches, interviews, match narrations. The more you will post, the more we will get to know of your national football team, and the more you will increase your chances to win the cup! Everything will be in your hands. Except the results, which are going to be xcorinated by me.

    As the founding nation of DSAFF, in fact, Talamia will host the first edition of the tournament. Descriptions of cities, stadiums, curiosities related to the Talamian football world and much more will soon be available to all!

So what are you waiting for?

Are you interested in sports role-playing? Contact Talamia and join the founding members of DSAFF!

Read factbook

Here instead the official factbook of the federation:

Democratic Socialist Assembly
Football Federation






05 February 2021


Sports federation

Legal status

Governing body of
association football


Sport governance



Regions served

Democratic Socialist Assembly


Oiktirmon-Nicao Paidarion

The Democratic Socialist Assembly Football Federation (DSAFF) is a major administrative and governing body of association football in Delusia. It is headquartered in Clinepalas, Talamia and counts several techincal departments in all its affiliated nations.

DSAFF was founded in February 2021, representing national football associations around the world, and running nation and club competitions. Its membership now comprises 6 national associations. DSAFF also includes other national federations of countries outside of Delusia, by invitation.

Today, DSAFF outlines a number of objectives in the organizational Statues, including growing football trans-regionally, providing efforts to ensure football is accessible to everyone, and advocating for integrity and fair play.


The nations of Delusia have always come together to organize sporting events and competitions. The DSA Winter and Summer Olympics are almost a fixture on the planet. The interest in football, however, was never much.

Located on the continent of Romaxia, the nation known as Talamia, on the other hand, has a great history and culture founded on football. Internally, Talamia was the only nation to have its own football federation on Delusia: the TSS (Talamia Sports' Summaka), governing a national football team and a Talamia's own domestic league: the Alfa League. The strong cultural football tradition of Talamia pushed Talamian sports' minister Antheo Karabos to propose the formation of a body to govern football at an international level.

On February 2021, the DSAFF was born, as can be read in the official statute of the federation:

"[...] with the aim of organizing football tournaments for clubs and national teams, of spreading the interest in association football, of ensuring football is accessible to everyone, and of advocating for integrity and fair play."

Karabos appointed Oiktirmon-Nicao Paidarion president of the newly-born federation. Paidarion had already been president and founder of the Talamian club Afestosja and he is known for his revolutionary approach to sports organization in general.

The very first goal of the federation was to organize a tournament for national teams for the summer of 2021, the Comrades Cup, and one for the club teams, the DSA Champions League, to be started in the 2021/2022 or 2022/2023 season, depending on the response of the nations within Delusia.

The federation's headquarters were located in Talamia's capital, Clinepalas, along Orisma odo, the historic street entirely dedicated to football that leads to the national stadium: the EpopSfaira Stadium, home of the Ptoco and SF Lampride clubs.

In April 2021, the federation decided to expand its borders and also include other nations by invitation, outside the planet Delusia.

On May the 4th 2021, Padairon publicly announced the creation of the DSAFF Comrades Cup. The tournament will be hosted by Talamia and it will involve a minimum of 12 teams. It is scheduled to kickoff on May 14 2021.


The task of designing DSAFF's first logo was entrusted to the Talamian designer Ule Nkanki, author of the Alfa League and TSS logos.

Nkanki opted for a simple rose, to take up the flag of the Democratic Socialist Assembly, within which he decided to embed a soccer ball. The color red, synonymous with socialism, predominates within the logo. On the left of the squad, almost to give it life, the initials of the federation: DSAFF. A line between the letters separates the acronyms "DSA", underlining them, and "FF", passing through them.


In total, DASFF recognizes 6 national associations and their associated national teams and football federations as its members. As of April 16 2021, the only football s outside Delusia are the Blueea Football Federation and the Kepler-0085 Football Federation.

DSAFF has its own ranking system, created to ensure fairer competitions. The DSAFF Rankings are updated after the end of each tournament. They are based on club and national team's performances in competitions, qualifiers, and friendly matches. Teams are ranked based on their game results with the most successful teams being ranked highest.

Laws and governance
DSAFF is headquartered in Clinepalas and it is an association established under the law of Talamia.

DSAFF's supreme body is the DSAFF Congress, an assembly made up of representatives from each affiliated member association. Each national football association has one vote, regardless of its size or footballing strength.

Congress makes decisions relating to DSAFF's governing statutes and their method of implementation and application. Only the DSAFF Congress can pass changes to the statutes. The Congress approves the annual report, decides on the acceptance of new national associations, elects the President of DSAFF and it is also the body that decides which country will host the NSLeft Association Football Federation. In order to host a tournament edition, you must submit your application. Each application is put to vote and all member associations have equal weight in the decision.

List of DSAFF members
This is a list of the nations who have an official football federation under the aegis of DSAFF and therefore recognized as official DSAFF members.

DSAFF competitions

National teams


  • DSAFF Champions League (proposed)


DSAFF Comrades Cup





Score and Venue


Third place

Score and Venue

Fourth place

No. of teams



Ebdemar Au'tokra Stadium,


DSA Champions League





Score and Venue


Third place

Score and Venue

Fourth place

No. of teams




Read factbook

In solidarity,

has anyone seen anarcho-capitalism the movie?

my people were opressed but weve rossen to anarchy

From The Department of DSA's Sports Leagues and The Desk of Talamia

Dear friends of Anarchy,

Wishing you a good May the 4th, I inform you that the Comrades Cup is about to begin!

In the coming days, the DSAFF will write the history of our region by organizing its first football tournament.

The official server of the first DSA Football Federation has been created. While the final details are still being worked out, I would like to share the Official Ultimate Guide to the competition with you. Inside you will find a description of the cities that will host the fans, the stadiums that will host the matches, and the teams that will play them.

We are still examining possible last-minute applications, with the possibility of expanding the tournament from 8 to 12 teams.

Do you want to be part of the first edition of the Comrades Cup? Do you prefer to join the server only to watch live matches and comment on them together with the involved players? In any case, do not hesitate to send a TG to Talamia and to express your interest. You have until next Monday!

In solidarity,

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