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RIGHT TO LIFE is a community of nations that recognizes and promotes defense of the unalienable rights of the unborn. The nations of this region oppose induced abortion in all or most cases.

World Assembly members are required to endorse the President: United Massachusetts.

There is a two-thirds endorsement cap, and the next election for the Senate is on July 15–25.

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Right to Life contains 79 nations, the 167th most in the world.

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1.The Republic of Cumberland and the Red RiverLeft-wing Utopia“Union, Wisdom, and Virtue”
2.The Republic of Anti-Collectivist Republic of ChinaNew York Times Democracy“Nationalism, Libertarianism,and Conservatism”
3.The Republic of Clear BayCivil Rights Lovefest“Throw away your troubles, come dream with me”
4.The Republican Territories of TheThanksgiving TurkeyCapitalist Paradise“Civil bloodbath survivor pardoned by President Bush”
5.The Dictatorship of Trzebos SteateIron Fist Consumerists“Trzebos did not die yet”
6.The Republic of Taylor RapidScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Yes”
7.The Community of HowlandsCivil Rights Lovefest“Welcome all people”
8.The Wondrous Dominion of Sutherland FederationCompulsory Consumerist State“Sister of Castle and Faith”
9.The Republic of Horatius CoclesDemocratic Socialists“Dignity of life from conception to natural death”
10.The Agrarian Distributist State of HavillandCorporate Bordello“♪When will there be a harvest for the world?♪”
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Voting through the ages starting up again.

A bit of Pro-Life news from the North of Ireland:

Anti-abortion protest: Crowds march to Stormont in silence

Protesters walked in silence to show their opposition to what organisers described as "the liberalisation of abortion".

Abortion is only available in Northern Ireland in limited circumstances.

In July, legislation was passed to bring NI more into line with the rest of the UK if devolution doesn't return by 21 October.

Phydios wrote:I have no idea what you're talking about.

Allow me to elaborate: in 2016 there were too many Republicans for one stage so they placed the lowest polling candidates on a second stage which some mockingly called the "kiddy table", but they never deplatformed any candidate. This year I saw a number of news outlets saying the Democratic model of 1) pulling names out of a hat to divide between two stages and 2) filtering out candidates based on polling and donor requirements was superior, ignoring the fact that it has deplatformed half of the candidates based on poor polling criteria and current name recognition. In other words I'm saying a kiddy table is better than no table and also more democratic.

Roosevelt gang, assemble!


New Waldensia wrote:"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."

Spock, the logical Vulcan character in Star Trek, used this phrase numerous times throughout the television series. But is it true? Should this maxim guide individuals, should it guide governmental policy?

I was reminded of the phrase when I saw the following post on Facebook from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum []:

“Fathers and mothers, give me your children.” With these words, #OnThisDay in 1942, the Jewish council chairman in the Lodz ghetto asked parents to surrender all children under age ten. He believed that sacrificing those who could not work would save the other ghetto inhabitants. Children, the elderly, and the sick were sent to their deaths at Chelmno killing center to meet a quota of 20,000 set by the Nazis. But about two years later, the Nazis sent all those remaining in the Lodz ghetto, the last large ghetto in German-occupied Poland, to Chelmno and Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The Judenrat chairman followed similar logic to Spock. He felt sacrificing "the few" would save "the many". This is illustrated throughout history as well; Lot is an example in the Bible, when he offers his virgin daughters to the Sodomite mob in exchange for them not raping his angelic guest (they refused the alternate victim as the account goes on to tell).

While "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one" might be worthy motivation for the individual, it should not be what government uses as a guideline. Government ought to preserve the rights of the few, or the one, in order to preserve the rights of the many. If the rights of the few are not preserved, then neither will the rights of the many.


Pretty interesting.

A different possible take on this, however, is Utilitarianism, which is just not just trying to benefit the maximum number of people, but rather trying to create the maximum benefit possible.

Thus, while "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" might justify carving up 10 children to feed 11 adults, a marginally more nuanced take would realise that the benefit gained by those 11 adults is not worth the loss suffered by those 10 children.

That might seem obvious in this example, but for the Judenrat example you gave above, this was what was lost along the way. This wasn't a morally justifiable stance that was being taken, but rather one that was of some (significant) benefit to those remaining at the time, but was of greater cost to those being sacrificed, even if they were fewer in number.

Of course, utilitarianism can still be immoral. Say we take someone with a million dollars, take away all almost his money (say $900,000), invest it to create wealth, and create $1.1 million of total wealth across a large number of people. Utilitarianism says that's okay, as there's a net gain. However clearly that's not okay - that millionaire had some right to property.
Adjust the numbers of course, and we find there's a grey area. Most (I said most, not all) people believe that generally it's an acceptable and moral thing for governments to collect some sort of tax and spend it for the societal good, and most people believe that the richer you are the more you should proportionally contribute. It's all about where we draw that line.

To my mind, government ought to preserve the rights of the few, but it also needs to preserve the wellbeing of the many. So to my mind, it's right that the government provides a baseline level of welfare to stop the poor starving, and universal healthcare free at the point of delivery to stop the poor suffering needlessly. Likewise, it also needs to protect the safety and freedoms of minority populations (which is why it's NOT okay for China to persecute Uighur Muslim children in the name of national solidarity, for example).

The big thing to me, is that government must represent all the people, not just the majority, but it must always be the will of the people, not an elite that tells people what they need. That's a delicate balance, and is all about judgement.

Is the rights of a few to bear arms worth more than the rights of children not to get shot at school? Is the right of an unborn child to live greater than the right of a woman to bodily autonomy? Okay, that last one may be an easy one for THIS region to answer.

For me, the important thing is to recognise that these are ALL nuanced issues and subject to judgement.

New poll in Zentari, come and vote!


Solving overpopulation you say, well there’s always the easy solution:

Roosevelt gang, assemble!


Gad wrote:Greetings all.

Welcome to Right to Life!

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